Friday, November 14, 2003

Political Junkie

Well, the day started with rain, rain and more rain. It's been raining for more then 24 hours, and, as with Manila Rain, there must be Manila Flood. These things go together like salt and balut, find one and assuredly you'll find the other. So it was that my street looks Venice again, this time, the tide must ne high. Hmm, it must be the huge hole they're constructing/repairing down at Pasong Tamo St. God already knows the traffic at that street actually worsened, if that's even possible.

I have question about the politicians who run this nation. Why is it that they always repair the streets during the wet season? Why not during the dry months? Don't they know that doing city projects in the moonsoon season would amount to lots of heavy traffic and flooding? Haven't they heard the word 'prevention', as in "Well, instead of making these Flood Response Teams, which by the way cost a ton of money, why not repair the drainage and sewage systems so to prevent floods BEFORE the rainy season starts?" It might be that common sense is not a required factor in the political arena, apparently it's too common for the elitist bastards to get one.

Makes me wonder about Starship Troopers ( the novel, not the movie ). Robert E. Heinlan, the author, is on to something: that is everyone that serves their country gets the right to vote, not just anyone. The book is a must read if you're into political stuff, it's practically a must have. I mean let's put it this way. Would you, a learned and perhaps wise human being would trust a unlettered oaf to vote right? While you might vote for the good of the nation, the unlettered oaf would vote to anyone that suits them. Case in point: Erap Estrada. Yes, the man might be charismatic when it comes to the poor and I think he still is because of all the support he still gets, but we all know that he's a lying, theiving, drunken bastard who ought to be dragged by wild horses through the whole of the ankles. But why he was voted our president? It's because of the unlettered oafs scattered across the country, and also maybe of the people who are just waiting to line up their pockets.

But I digress. Going back, Heinlan's novel 'suggests' that going into the military to serve and earn the right to vote is actually a good idea, provided of course that the military also handles good schooling and touches the aspect of history and political idealogies. Makes all those CAT's and ROTC's look worthwhile eh? Serve for just two years after college graduation, then after that it's your business. But you get the right to vote, and that is the thing that matters.

But of course this idealogy would get chucked out of the window once it's aired, probably by the people who already have their pockets lined up. Still, it is an idea to dream about, and perhaps to expound and discuss to the future generations. Ah well, it was a good theory while it lasted...

Went to the Mall even though it's raining because it's Friday night, meaning Warhammer Night. Sadly, maybe because of the weather, it's again just two of us, me and Kim, holding down the fort. They were lots of people today at the mall, I totally forgot it's Midnight Madness. At least when I buy a gift for my partner, whose birthday is today, I get a cool discount. Partner as in my counterpart in the community I served in, and as with all partners I have in my 8 year career in serving, she is, I think, the best of them. She's intellectual for a 16 year old and I treat her more like a sister then a partner actually. Sad though that I have to leave her, wish I could find more time with her. Ah well, I really have to stop agonizing every little thing that I'm gonna leave behind. Yeah right, as if that's possible.


Well, I finally finished Harvest Moon, since it took me just over five hours to get back to the point I was in before yesterday's catastrophe and playing it to the end. Harvest Moon, for those of the PC disabled, is an old game where it's part RPG and part simulation. Basically, you play a young boy whose out to make a living as a farmer, and you have only 2 1/2 years before your parents check you out. It's one of the classic non-violent games, and at the end after I finished, I had 8 cows, 12 chickens, a horse, a dog, corn fields, tomato fields and grass fields for hay. Natsume, the japanese company who produced the game, releases out very good titles every year, more on the RPG, Sim and puzzle bent games. One of the best game producers/company I think.

Now that's finished, might as well go back to beating Battletoads and, perhaps, Double Dragon III...

State of Mind: Mashed Idealogies
Song of the Day: Yes Yes Show by Parokya ni Edgar
Now Reading: The Ruby Knight by David Eddings
Total time it took to finish Harvest Moon: 25 hours and somewhat over 10 minutes


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