Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Sacrifices Anyone?

Greenbelt 3 was packed as lots of people went to see Paolo Santos perform, and the man didn't disappoint. Cover songs were his forte, with a couple of cool renditions to boot. Overall, it was a great evening. Makes me wish I can stay here. Oh well, life sometimes need sacrifices, and it isn't contented with sheep and cows, it prefers luscious young females. Especially innocent virgins.

Before the mini concert, the Warhammer gang met up to discuss the ranking system. It was hard, because we had to make sure there would be only a few grumbles from the people, especially the rules lawyers. So we decided that rank would be based on participation, painting and the place you get in the tourney i.e. 1st place, 2nd place etc. This would accumulate for a 3 months or a quarter year, one suggestion I was proud of, and then reseted to give chance to the newbies joining. For me, participation is a bitch, since I can't join every tourney next year, hopefully I can get to the major ones. Again with the sacrifices, this time the innocent virgins get to be smeared with chocolate and toffee before the rituals commences.

Also, during the mini concert, I was with her, the Muse, and it totally sucks I can't do anything. All I can do is be a good Kuya and help her through her problems. But we had a great time, me and her and the rest of the gang. Looking into those cool eyes though made me think twice of leaving, just to be with her. Ah well, I'm getting a little absurd and melencholial, like a lovesick bastard. This time, life does not only want innocent virgins smeared with confections to appease him, it also gives you a kick to the balls while taking away the sacrifices.

Me and my weird imagination. Too much ice cream I guess.

State of Mind: Hyperactive Imagination
Song of the Day: Knocks Me Off My Feet by Paolo Santos
Book of the Week: The Dark Side of the Moon by Terry Pratchett
Brainfreeze seconds on ice cream: 42 or so seconds


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