Friday, November 21, 2003

Someone Or Something Is Out To Get Me

That does it! This week has been an absolute disaster!!!I'm hobbling along the streets because of my sprained ankle, can't fricken raise my right arm because of the shock pain and, just now, to add insult to injury, banged my head on a sliding metal door, resulting in me seeing stars and having a huge headache. And there's this really really deep scar on the bridge of my nose, right between the eyes. SOMEONE is going to pay for all of this, I swear. Right now, with a band aid on my nose, I looked like a shmuck who had too many bar fights. Lucky I ain't...

Today is Friday, and that means Warhammer Night with a game against Alex, who is just itching to defeat me ( zero losses against the guy, hehe ). The game started out heavily on his favor even though I got the first turn. I was outclassed in shooting and was trumped in magic. Things looked grim for the Orchish Horde until the turn four when a surprise roll of dice obliterated two High Elf Mages in one turn. W00T!!! Then things went sliding down for the Elven Pride, and we ended the game with me getting a minor victory and a close call to losing my winning streak. I really love my unpredictable horde and it just goes to show that sometimes you just to take the bit in your mouth and take things in a stride.

Well, I didn't get to pick up Mossimo Girl since she had a sudden case of flu, which a good thing for me by the way ( What is with this week? Lots of people getting sick or hurt it looks like an epidemic of sorts...), since stalker confrontations can be a bad thing. Ah well, I'm just delaying the inevitable. Next week maybe I'll chat with the choirmaster and introduce him to my friend, Mr. Baseball Bat. Hehe, just kidding, most likely we're just gonna talk things over and check to see if he has that tendency to push things through. That's when things get rough I guess.

State of Mind: Painful Belligerance
Song of the Day: M by Ayumi Hamasaki
Type of star saw during the accident: White Dwarf Supernovas
Band-aid used to cover the scar: Mediplast Transparent


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