Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Sometimes, People Should Look at Things Differently...

Yep, a day of solitary confinement it was, and I didn't get to see the weather outside since my window is so small it actually discourages the air to get inside. My room is a veritable heatwave, an oven almost the one used in the Brothers Grimm story of Hansel and Gretel.

Which reminds me that I have to find the unedited and unadultered copy of Grimm's Fairy Tales. For those are not in the know, the Brothers Grimm actually intended the Fairy Tales to be stories of horror and decapitation. The millions of copies lying around are for children, and for them alone. The adult version, well, lets just say that after Hansel and Gretel baked the poor witch inside her oven, they fed her to other people in bite sized chunks of witch cookies. Yummy...

Taking a break from an all day of Emu-gaming, I switched to an old game of Monkey Island™ Series on my PC. Wanna have a game of dry wit, weird puzzles and underhanded puns, go for this game. The hero, or should I say the lucky bastard since he doesn't have any skills whatsoever, is Guybrush Threepwood, a mighty pirate (sounds of sniggers and smirks in the background). The dude is actually built like a beanpole, has arm muscles like a pea on a straw and runs screaming like a girl on every encounter. Fun though, and perfect for those days of sheer boredom, like today.

As with the case of confinement, boredom seeps through the crack of your mind and even game bashing gets tedious after a while. Ever wonder why people always complain why they don't have enough time in their hands? And would dream about doing this and doing that if they get the time off. And if they do, they end doing either one of these things:

1. Sleep
2. Stay at home and watch TV, read a book etc.
3. Lie around and complain about boredom

Pathetically sad yet insanely true, although there is a very small percentage that actually achieves what they want. And yet, when they come back, they will still gripe about the weather, insects, electricity, blah blah etc. Human beings at these age and time live in a constant state of perpetual griping, an emotion that became a driving need. Check out the people around you, listen to most to words they are saying. Most of it is Crab Mentality talking, as we filipinos degrade an absolutely perfect idea/place/food etc. so that we ourselves feel superior to something.

Ah, superiority, that is the key. I mean, who doesn't want to be superior over something? Even the priests of our country dabble in politics just so they can assert their authority. Look at how many politicians made kowtow to the Church, and the institution responded subconciously, even though religion and politics shouldn't be mixed. Everyone wants to have their own opinions aired just to show how good they are, even if the opinions totally blow.

Looking back to our own morbid and insane history, I'd say we should revolutionize the way we think. Support and open minded appreciativeness is the key, and stereotyping be banned and declared illegal and evil. Everything should be open to discussion and probably expermintation. That will clear up a lot of things and open the road to long awaited progress.

All except actor-politicians. These guys should be taken by their feet, chained upside down at a prow of a boat replacing the figurehead, if it has one, and dragged head first on mucky Pasig River. If they persist in running the elections still, have them chucked over a cage of crazed baboons naked with their butts painted red. Me and my overactive imagination.

Fun though.

State of Mind: Sleepy Delirium with Throbbing Ankle Pain
Song of the Day: Bullet in the Head by Rage Against the Machine
Hours wasted on gaming today: 15 hours
Game of the Day: Return to Monkey Island, LeChuck's Revenge


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