Thursday, November 27, 2003

Your Daily Weather Report by The Hamster

Today the weather actually held up and proceeded to bless the day with scattered clouds and blue skies, and this has been going on for past three or four days. Which means that in a couple of days or so, a rainstorm will appear to ravage the country and again morph the city into a Psuedo-Venice where all the garbage collectors have migrated to other countries, judging by the amount of trash I see everytime the rain falls. Not that I'm clairvoyant and all but these things happen in certain cycles. My Storm Theory states that the length of rainy days is the result of a number of data, apropro, the number of sunny days, the rain measured by buckets, the strength of the Sun's UV rays in radiation. So if we did this in mathematical equation...

Let: RD: Rainy Days
RbB: Rain by Buckets
SD: Sunny Days
SR: Sun's Radiation

Equation: RD = SD x SR / RbB

Where we would find out that the number of rainy days would be the result of sunny days multiplied by the sun's radiation divided by the rain by buckets. In layman's terms, rainy days depends on the number of sunny days, how hot it was during those days and how strong the rain was. Thus if, let's say, today's rain was a result of a week of very hot days and the rain seemed to pour down like a waterfall, then we can conclude that, even if rains very very hard, it won't last very long. However, from the same scenario except we encounter just light rain, then we can expect that this could go on for days or even weeks.

This of course does not mean that it stays in one place, what with the winds and all. This is of course data gathered here in the Philippines, where we only have weather predictions: sunny and stormy.

This is me: Raf the Hamster, weatherman, scientist, writer and bored as hell, signing off and greeting everyone to have a happy rainy day...

State of Mind: Bored...
Song of the Day: Sunny Days by Sesame Street
From where did this hare-brained theory come from: Sheer Boredom
Hours spent contemplating on the Storm Theory because of boredom: 3 hours


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