Thursday, December 04, 2003

Caffeine High Slaves On The Run

Four guys, three pcs and only 12 hours to go before the deadline. As I'm writing this, we are doing a video expo on the GK sites, to be passed on to the upper echelons. We are tired, sleep-deprived and slowly going insane on the process. The four caballeros are me, the PC Hardware and Audio Guy; Mike the resident guru on software design; Jr on directing and paperwork; and lastly Iye on the production line. The adrenalin rush is running hot, coffee was consumed in great quantities and personal agendas were summarily dismissed as the team pushed on, passing the limits.

Can't really write long, we only have a 30 minute nap time before the torture continues and I spent all my time writing in this goddamn journal since I can't friggin' take a nap for just 30 minutes. One small brief update though, as I played against the Druchii and won by no contest, hehe. Full massacre, w00t! Shows 'em who the real bosses are...

Damn, time to go back to work. I think I'll take a long vacation after this one, arrrgh...

State of Mind: Blurred Frenzy
Song of the Day: On A High by Duncan Sheik
Total hours sleep on two days: 5 aggravating hours
Total gallons of coffee consumed: 2 and a half.


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