Saturday, December 06, 2003

Debut, Geekishness and LOTR CCG Madness

Something is still wrong with my PC. I'm writing again in my unc's computer since the friggin modem won't work.

Just got back from Cuddlybear's debut. It was fun, and as expected and typical of gender differences, the women wailed and cried while the men laughed and made fun of everything. I got to be the 16th rose, and during the dance had a little chat with her, the kuya chat, hehe. Oh, gave her a gift ( obviously ), a book entitled I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. Yeah yeah, I know it's a chick book but browsing through the pages ( gasp! ) seems to have very nice points and cool topics ( double gasp!! ). But it might just help her with choosing the right time and guy, I guess hehe. Whatever works for her.

Hmmm, I'm left with only 9 days before I get dragged back kicking and screaming. One big reminder that I got only a week left is that tomorrow is the Despidida Tournament with the guys over at the Hobby Store. I wonder what's in store for us...probably after the tourney, barrels of beer would flow and pulutan will rise up under the tables. Which is a little more then I desired but hey, whatever makes them happy I guess.

One thing about us geeks at the Hobby Store is that we are totally faithful to our wives or girlfriends. Our women can be assured that whenever we come home late at night is that we were playing our games. If they see a large amount cash withdrawal in the bill means we bought a lot of stuff for our hobby, not to buy expensive stuff for our mistresses. Besides, one girl is enough for our lives, not to mention the fact that we spend our days gaming 24/7. That's why you womenfolk can either choose a handsome alpha male or an ever-loyal happy-go-lucky geek. Marrying into geekdom isn't that bad, just let us have a good clean fun at least once a week and we're happy as a child in a candy store. Besides we are usually intellectual and easy going, not high strung and airheads like some guys I could name.

The fact that I woke up refreshed this morning didn't seem to make any difference as I went to the mall this afternoon to buy Cuddlybear's gift. Walking around the mall has seriously depleted the energy gained from the sleeping, perhaps because of all the dang people rushing to and fro the place. Christmas shopping never ceases to amazes me. The people are willing to kick and maim the person who's holding the last toy/book/vase/etc ( take your pick ). It's like a war zone without guns, where tongue agility and speech speed reigns supreme. Verbal karate so to speak. Good thing the Hobby Store is still there, and with a Wizkids Convention going on, it is also filled to the rafters. Yes, I know I hate when there are lots of people, but these are my people, and I feel comfortable when I'm in my crowd. Drifted aimlessly for while, and sat down to watch a friend having a game of LOTR CCG.

I am now in the grip of LOTR CCG madness. Yes I know, I've seen the game before, I've watched the other guys played and as a big fan of Papa Tolkien, it was a wonder I didn't get into that CCG. Perhaps I reasoned that it would only last for a short while, since the three part movie ends this year. But man oh man, when I sat down today and saw the action, I'm having second thoughts and perhaps a great regret in not buying when the first starter came out. The graphics are superb, the game play easy and fast paced. Hmmm, perhaps I'll buy a bunch of starters and boosters just for collection purposes, and that Eowyn is such a babe., not to mention Arwen as well. Geekishness? Perhaps, but one should always be true to one's own nature.

State of Mind: Hype And Ready ( Tourney Day!!! )
Song of the Day: True by Arnee Hidalgo
Army for the Tourney: Night Goblins! Night Goblins! Wahoo!!!
Fave LOTR card: Gimli the Dwarf ( experienced version )


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