Friday, December 12, 2003

DJ Hamster and Going Home Tactics

I'm tired. Just got back from a meeting concerning the upcoming Metrocon to be held at Morong, Rizal and as luck would have it, I'm designated as a peon of the Audio-Visual Team. Which means no acting bonanza for me, unfortunately. Or should I say fortunately, since I would have played the Fool?

Hmm.... Being in the AV Team is very hard work, especially when the event commences. I'm wishing I'm not headed straight into Stage Ops, the guys with headsets running to and fro behind the scenes, sweating and worrying every little detail. I'm more inclined to be with the sound crew or with the graphic designers. Whatever happens I guess, since there's another meeting tommorow at Greenhills McDo. *Sigh*, the things I do for my community...

I'm now at level 3 in the TMNT game, and it's damn hard. Yeah, I played more then 10 hours, but that's getting all the 4 turtles to the 2nd level. Each level has 8 sublevels or so, with a dojo sub-mission in between each level. Dang, I got up to the end with a boss who is a gigantic scrap robot with an unwholesome delight in squashing turtles into soup. Suffice to say, I got beaten to a pulp plenty of times. Damn those car sized feet!

Warhammer Night introduces a grudge battle against the insidious Dark Elves and steadfast Dwarves. Ronald, resident Druchii Noble and the Dark Prince incarnate, hounded the Dwarves played by the Dwarf Thane Mark. It was frustating battle for the Dwarves, since all the Dark Elves did was prance around in their fast steeds and tried to shoot the dwarves to pieces. The dwarves, to their credit, shrugged off the arrows with their Gnomril Armor and, having small feet, tried to engage the Druchii in combat but to no avail. In the end, the Druchii Noble won, no surprise to anyone. Fun game though, due to the trash talk and side comments. Writing this makes me miss the guys already, as I have one more week left till I leave.

Speaking of which, Mother is trying to get me into the 21st flight but I'm holding on like a stuck pig on a spit. I tried everything from delaying manuevers to carefully planned excuses and outright lies. But I'm losing the battle, cuz SHE has a insider in the airlines, so even if I say that the date is fully booked, her friend would cheerfully "arranged" everything so little fat me would take the early flight. The only thing she needs though, are the locator number to change the date, and I'm thinking fast on how to counter that. Hmmm...

In the end though, I might go with the truth if all else fails. Yeah yeah, I might get yelled and screamed at, but it's nothing new since I always get shouted when we're talking about my family. That price I'm willing to pay just for the extra two days. There's so much to do, yet so little time...

Me and my tactics...

State of Mind: Frenzied Thoughts
Song of the Day: Earth by Me'Shell NdegeOcello ( Lazy Dog Remix )
AV Team Dream Position: Resident DJ and Sound Manager! w00t!
Tactics currently trying: Delay! Delay! Delaaaay!!!!


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