Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Hamster's Day of Indulgence

Tommorow is the start of the what we call the "Video Editing Process" or preferably its nickname "Insomnia Blues." Last Tuesday we finished taking shots of the top schools like La Salle, Ateneo, FEU, UP, Adamson, UST etc. Then we wrapped things up by shooting the malls yesterday, crowd favorite ones like Greenbelt, Glorietta, Robinson's Galleria, Megamall, SM Manila, Podium, Rockwell etc. Today is kinda like an off day of sorts, much to our surprise and relief.

The gallows are now set and the noose readied as tommorow I'll be fitting up for the Santa Claus costume. And no, I still prefer to be dragged in the tailor's shop kicking, screaming and biting. Even if it's undignified, at least I "protested" vigorously before I was laughingly pointed out I'm the one for the job, fat as I am and perfect with the booming voice. Arrrgh...

Anyways, as I said today was a day of indulgence, and indulge I did. I went to the Mall, bought gifts for my family and cousins. For my lil' bro and cousins, Playstation 2 cds which I'm sure they'll like. A Beatles CD for Pop, a bunch of Dance Dance Rev for Mums, a Lounge CD for mid bro. I bought CDs of my own: Pinikpikan, A Perfect Circle and Dave "The Drunken God!" Matthews.

Mini Reviews? Well, Pinikpikan is a great tribal funk cd, incorporating a lot of Philippine instruments. Cool if you wanna impress that eco-concious girlfriend of yours, hehe. A Perfect Circle is now totally revamped, with the exchange of instumentalists to one band or another. In this cd, they get James Iha of the now defunct Smashing Pumpkins fame and Jeordie White of the also defunct Marilyn Manson band, exchanging Paz "The Babe" Lechantins to Zwan ( which was formerly Smashing Pumpkins ). I like Paz, but that could just be the subconcious talking since I like girls who play the bass. Or perhaps it's because I'm bass player myself...

Dave Matthews is a GOD! No words can express when I'm listening to one his tracks. With his new Album "Some Devil" I never fail to be amazed by this man's songwriting prowess. Great! REALLY FREAKIN' GREAT!!!

After the shopping, went to the Hobby store to check out the scene. No Warhammer players since it's Wednesday, but there's a lot of LoTR CCG games going on. The store usually has a schedule for the games. Monday is Shadowrun Duels Minis and Legend of the 5 Rings CCG. Tuesdays, NBA Showdown 2002 CCGs. Wednesdays are for the LoTR folks and Mechwarrior fanatics. Thurdays are 'Clicks' ( Heroclix, Dc Clix etc. ) and Game of Thrones CCG. Fridays are for us Warhammer geeks and everyone else. Magic: The Gathering and Starwars CCG is usually everyday.

If you're a regular, you can learn the basic rules of any game just by watching and not necessarily reading the rulebook. I learned Starwars CCG just by watching two weeks of intense gaming and now sometimes being mistooked for playing the game itself, which is kinda weird and awkward.

Going home and passing by Greenbelt today has earned me another handshake from the Pokemon President herself, Madam Gloria Macapagal Arroyo( I got to meet her at a Gawad Kalinga project and the other time at last year's Metrocon, when we formed a human barricade to let her pass through ). While it is both a honor and a privilige, it was also both wierd and somewhat disconcerting to see the President of the nation in Greenbelt, probably going to watch a movie premiere. But then again, I saw Imelda Marcos also in Greenbelt last six months ago, with a handful of bodyguards carrying of what appears to be shoeboxes...apparently she still has that "Shoe Syndrome".

Oh, I finally got a haircut. After of months of the "bushweed caveman look", I decided that's it time to get back looking clean and crisp. And down the hair fell, snip after snip, three months down the drain. Now I look like a younger version of Jimmy Santos, after he's been mugged and beaten to death...Nah, too graphic, let's just say I feel the fresh air in my ears...

Simbang Gabi is on in 2 hours, so I better get some sleep. I'm still babbling by the way, I can't get my thoughts to fall in line; hence I write what's on my mind. Tommorow there might be no entries as there are too many things to do and so little time to do it.

Ah well, you can only do so much.

State of Mind: Incoherent Babbling
Song of the Day: Dodo by Dave Matthews Band
Height of Madam President in relation to me: Somewhere above the elbows
Haircut style after the Bushweed Caveman: Da' Helmet


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