Sunday, December 07, 2003

Hamster's Flash Report: Goblins Have Taken Over The Countryside!!!

Huzzah! The Despidida Tourney ended with a blast and an unexpected surprise. I actually won the damn thing! Now that's a weird sign. It was one hell of an uphill climb though. First match was against Joel's Druchii, good thing he didn't have any magical support, else I'd be running off the table every turn because of the mere fact that goblins fear elves. Not a fun way to lose, I tell ya. One mistake he made was not closing in the first couple of turns, which allowed me to bring on the big magic spells and blasted him to smithereens. Second game was against Sir Larry's Undead, again the fear factor is causing me enough problems. One bad thing about using a pure goblin army is the very low leadership your troops have. But the good thing is, we come in great numbers hehe. So in a 1k game I usually outnumber every army 2 to 1 ( sometimes 3 to 1, hehe ). Sir Larry made just one mistake which allowed me to capitalize on the game and boffed off his Necromancer, thus rending his ghouls and zombies into piles of dust. That's two big wins, with one more game to go.

Last game was a clincher. Patrick Uy, rules lawyer and practically one of the top five players in the Philippines is the guy to beat. Now I haven't beaten Patrick with his Empire ever, even in Warhammer 40k where I play the Imperial Guard and he plays Orcz ( hmmm, that's weird, reversal of armies ). Honestly, I think everyone is kinda afraid when facing Patrick, even the masters. What did I feel at that moment? Cold running down the spine and wetting down your pants kind of fear. Yeah yeah, it's over the top but gotta get the message through right?

Now Patrick has already defeated my Goblins once, and he knows what were my weaknesses. But I got one advantage over him that game. I lead the group by a Massacre Vic and a Major Vic; Patrick has only two Major Vics. So I only need a draw to win the the tourney.

The game was brutal, I won't bore you with needless details. There were lots of highlights, and lots of both bad and good rolls on both sides. In the end, the only units left on the table was one goblin regiment, two spear chukkas and my general on foot. His was only a Helblaster Volley Gun, a mage and a group of Huntsman.

Tallying up in the end, I lead a 39 point draw against Patrick! w00t! That's enough to ensure total victory! Huzzah!

And the guys lamented and shook their heads that it was meant to be, tsk tsk.

Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, the masters weren't there ( except for Patrick of course ) hence there was no quaffing of ale and naked dancing chicks after the game. Oh well, the important thing is that I won, hard as it is.

Hobby girl drop by the store today, but we didn't get to see each other because I was concentrating on the tourney while she brought some dice and stuff and had to leave in a rush because of a family affair. Least she could do was see me play, but what the hell. Doesn't dampen my spirits whatsoever, hehe.

After the game, heard about a premier on the LoTR, which is gonna be on the 21st instead of January next year ( Damn you Manila Filmfest!!!! ). Now that would be my fondest wish, to see LotR here instead in the province, cuz hey, they don't have cushy seats and sense surround systems. I want to be pampered when I watch the last movie dammit!!! Preparations are being made and excuses drafted so I can stay here to watch the ending. Question is, will my parents swallow my tale? I remember somewhere that a good lie must be mix exactly right, concordantly, one part truth to two parts lie, mix vigorously and fast. So I might go with telling them the truth ( wanna watch LotR, it's my last chance ) and two lies ( A debut of a bestest best friend (?) and had no chance of fixing up my stuff on time. Now if they'll swallow all of this, I get to have one more week of extra fun, hehe.

I am now lifting up prayers just for this chance of a lifetime. Ah well, hopefully God will hear my plea, although it is so "mabawbaw" as it is.

State of Mind: Elated Euphoria
Song of the Day: Spirit of Revival by Darrel Evens
Play of the day: Spear Chukka skewering an Elf General ( I need to roll a six, lucky me! )
MVP of the Tourney: Goblin General ( a Str 6 mofo with three attacks, only 39 points. Plus the leadership effect really turned the tide and won the game for me )


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