Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Hamster's Thinking a Lot of Things

Here I am, standing in the midst of a dark room with only the monitor for a light. Kinda like a good scene for Resident Evil or even Silent Hill. Now those games are really freaky, especially the latter, as you get to travel through a misty town armed with only a crowbar.

Kinda like the scenes in my life. I don't know where the hell I'm going but I'm pretty sure it's better then staying in one place. Oh, minus the crowbar. In its place, I get to carry a book, like the hell it's going to do anything. Hmmm, in retrospect, it's probably better then nothing and if I'm in the middle of a boring episode, I guess I could read for a while.

There's a new craze that's being going around for a while, and that infestation is called Friendster. What is Friendster? Well, it's this site that allows you to meet new friends, old friends and even probably some long lost friends. It has no value whatsoever, except probably the emotional high you get when you add more friends to your network. Kinda like a online phonebook spanning miles and countries. Some of my friends are Friendster junkies, their own network boasting 250+ people who I'm sure some are mere acquintances. Ah well, whatever makes people happy I guess.

Mike dropped by this morning, awaking me from my slumber to face the glare of sunlight at 11 am. I am not definitely a morning person, as I trudged down looking like a caveman who had too many steins of grog. The dude was just around the area and so he thought to visit me, weird as it may be. Now I don't get lots of visitors, in fact I usually don't get visitors, especially this early in the morning. One of my weirdest visits would be a friend buzzing the doorbell at around 2 in the morning looking for me. And I will not dwell why she came at that unusual time, suffice to say it's one of those Kuya things. Anyways, Mike was there and we talked about certain stuff, more importantly who is the one who's going to replace me in the community. Well, I got two guys in my mind, and I'll probably tell the unlucky one sometime this week. Things are coming into head here it seems...

The Fates are really conspiring against me, as my father was brought to the hospital just this night, probably just feeling his age. I learned to take Dad's illnesses in a stride, since 3 out of 4 times it's usually a false alarm with his nervousness acting up. I swear, he goes to the hospital, get checked in for two days, just because his urine " doesn't look right". So now, he's back in the hospital for a couple of days, which means I can't talk to him about me granting a week of respite. He'll probably use the reason that he's sick and he needs me, so I need to come home quick.

Arrrrgh, curse you Fates! *grumble grumble*

Well, if I look at this in a Zen kinda light, things that are hard to get are usually valued and treasured more. Which means the last week that I'll be staying will be the best week of my life ever...that is if all things come to pass. And if the stars are right and in a certain pattern.

I guess I'll find out tommorow.

Speaking of tommorow, Alex is again itching to get back what happened last time and proposed a 2.5k battle. Hmmm, which means, High Elf player that he is, I'm expecting a magic heavy army with a White Dragon to boot. Well, two can play that game. I think I'll have my Orcs upgraded into Savage Orcs which makes them Immune to Psychology, especially Dragonfear. And probably add another Night Goblin regiment just to get that 12 Fanatics on the table. I'm expecting heavy artillery also, but that can't be helped. Ever see LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring opening scene where all these elven archers fired a hailstorm of arrows on the orcs? Well, that will happen in the first few parts in the game, but we will have the numbers to reach the puny pansies. As what happened also in LOTR, hehe. In place of Sauron, I'll get a Giant or two, since when these big brutes swing it's like what happened to all those humans when the Dark Lord swung his mace. Flying elves anyone? Hmmm, so what will be my warcry?

"Strength in numbers."

And probably "Eat wooden club!"


State of Mind: Mindless Babble and Anticipation
Song of the Day: Just The Way You Are by Milky
Number of friends in Friendster.com: 64! Huzzuh!
Number of Testimonials: 7! w00t!!!


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