Wednesday, December 10, 2003

The Naming Game

Well, the game has been bloody to both sides. Both the High Elves and the Orcs suffered terrible losses. During the game, we drew curious onlookers and interested people to watch, much to the delight of the Hobby Store. As a good bait, we loudly kept coining the phrase "The War of the Ring" as we moved out units to and fro the board. Soon, probably after the 3rd turn, we had a goodly number of audience to cheer and ask questions about the hobby. Not that we and Alex were in any position to answer; the other guys did it while we were concentrating on the game.

As I've said, the game was bloody. Alex, ( I think he's part Druchii ), was getting the upper hand every turn, drowning me in magic ( 15 power dice?!! WTF?!!! ) and shooting me into pincushions ( 4 Repeater Bolt Throwers?!! Is he insane?!!!). All hell broke loose though, when a massive Gork's Warpath erupted on the turn five and basically turned the Elven Host into bloody piles of pulp ( that spell is always a game winner! ). In the end, I escaped with a draw, as the Elven Host only garnered 176 points advantage, 124 points shy of a Minor Victory. Again the Orcs remain undefeated! w00t!

Hmmm, logging on to Friendster, I find one of my invites has sent me a message. asking who the hell I was. Dumbfounded, I wondered if she has forgotten me until I found out that I'm using my family name, not my school name.

Names. Weird as it may be, but we garner names as we go through the twisted and winding path that is called life. Almost year we get baptised a new name from our friends, classmates, family etc. to reflect something we had done or something that is in our personal makeup. Take me for example. I was born Arsenio Rafael IV. After a few days, I got my baby name, Am. By Kindergarten and Grade School, I got my school nicknames whether it's Ars or Sen, take your pick. Then at High School, I got my famous nickname of all, Mooshi ( the history on how I got it was a trifle embarrasing, suffice to say even my cadets call me Capt. Mooshi ). Then there are other special types of names like Papa Bear ( you guessed it, from the ladies ) and Raf ( from the guys over at the Hobby Store ).

Names are like clothes, we wear one for every occasion. Or for a lack of better example, is like being a different person altogether. If you call me Raf, I tend to get loud and boisterous, flaunting the geek inside me. Mooshi sometimes is quiet, yet he speaks loudly and is particularly windy. Papa Bear is more reserved and generous, more on the father side ( duh! ). Of all of these though, AM some close to the real me, somewhat akin to a second skin. Names really depend on your personality, as to paraphrase my friend "I get all snobbish when someone calls me that, but usually I'm pretty ok".

So I'm guessing that names can be a powerful source of information, garnering the person's personality and behaviour. Ah well, doesn't matter the slightest to me, extrovert person that I am. Like me or don't like me, I don't give a crap. I won't change myself just to suit your perception, already warped as it is if you think you can.

State of Mind: Thoughtful Reminiscence
Song of the Day: Judith by A Perfect Circle
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