Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Personified Ideas

Well, the Fates were cruel and made me the official chaperon of Mossimo Girl tommorow when she struts her stuff at Adamson College. Meaning little chubby me will be there, alone, using my knees-on-hips-hands-on-face-with-eyes-half-asleep attitude while the guys over at the Hobby Store are having a blast gaming themselves to insensibility. I so wanna find out the new releases of the CCG world. That's one of the perks of being a regular and trusted gamer at the store, we get to playtest stuff for free and find out the kinks in it. Last week we playtested Initial D, an anime racing card game ( My thoughts? Nice and fast gameplay, a little problem on variety though, but not much). Tommorow we were supposed to try out the NBA 2002 League, a basketball card game. My initial thoughts on that one? Wierd game, you get to see Michael Jordan do a jumpshot it he rolls a 2 up on a dice. It's like the Starwars CCG. Lots of dice used plus they have this placemat where you put your center, forward and so forth. Hmm, I'll ask the guys this Thursday if it's actually worth buying.

Having read Neil Gaiman's and Jill Thompson's collaboration on the comic book entitled "Death" made me wonder at my own perception of ideas/metaphors if they were a person. There is a big difference for every author I guess. Neil Gaiman's Death looks like a 18 year old Goth with a perky and unassumming attitude, the type you wouldn't believe till she slices you up to pieces. Hmm, if ideas would be personas this would be my version...

Death: Hmm, I would choose Terry Prachett's version of Death since the guy is totally commited to his job, plus he gives great service and really cool parting advice ( sorry for the pun ) But hey, if you're gonna die, might as well let your death be handled with care and comfort, eh? Methinks he has the personality type of an English Butler, always ready to serve and anticipate your next move.

Fate: Arrrgh, my most insane personas. Twin old men, one white bearded and with a laughing twinkle in his eye, the other grim and outlined wih wrinkles. They always carry a loaded set dice, and they all cheat outrageously everytime. They are non repentant gamblers, and when you play against him, you don't know what the rules are and how high the stakes go. It might even be your life.

Mother Nature: Ah, my favorite persona. If you've noticed, I've always start my logs with a small rant or tribute to dearest Mumsy. I think she is undoubtably the essence of a female persona, since she can be sweet and caressing one time, a raging torrent of destruction the next. I always view all females as somewhat the living reincarnations of Mommy Nature, since their minds are so intertwined that males don't know what's going to happen next. Oh, especially during their periods! Man oh man, if you know that a girl has that "special day", keep away from her! Always agree whatever she says, no matter what. A safe distance should be recommended, perhaps at least a mile.

Love: Huh? That weirdo? I think he's blind and carries a pea shooter instead of a longbow and a quiver of arrows. 'Nuff said.

War: Hmmm, a Japanese high school girl with a very, very sharp dotanuki blade. Beautiful to behold yet a horror to witness in action. Speaks quietly yet always has a point ( arrrgh, another pun ).

And a lot more....

I realized if I'm gonna continue, this would take a long while, reaching to the Four Horseman, the Seven Deadly Sins and so forth. Better to stop while I'm still coherent and not babbling.

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