Thursday, December 11, 2003

Reliving Your Cartoon Childhood

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles!
Heroes in the half shell, turtle power!
They're the world's most fearsome fighting team!
Leonardo leads, while Donatello does machine!
Raphael is cool but cruel, Michaelangelo is the party dude mach...PARTY!!!

Wow, I can still remember the lyrics after all these years!!! Huzzah!!!!

I'm playing the new TMNT in the Namco's tribute to the old series and I can say I'm impressed the way they trancribed the original to a new look and yet still invoke memories of nostalgia. Even Shredder himself looks dangerous, not like the old one where he looks like a walking cheesegrater. Everything looks cool, graphics are superb and the fighting moves great. The gameplay is that you gain new skills every time you win a new level, kinda like the now defunct Fur Fighters during the SNES years, which was a cool innovation at that time. The only thing to rant is the repetitive dialogue, which after a few hours can be become unwholesomely irritating to the ears. All in all though, it's all good, provided you take periods of rest once in a while.

The gameplay is 3D while the cutscenes 2d and reminds me of the New Ghostbusters cartoons. Hmmm, a joint project maybe? I've noticed that they've taken a lot of old cartoons out of retirement to polish them up and give them new spiffy quests/items/characters etc. Case in points would be the said Ghostbusters; Justice League ( as opposed to Justice Friends ); Batman; Superman; He-man, Masters of the Universe and others. While I haven't had the occasion to watch He-man because of its time slot, I heard it's really good so I'll reserve my opinions later.

Hmmm, what I wanna see is the G.I. Joe series, particularly after the reign of Serpentor and the Cobra La. While I'm at it, I also wanna see the new series of Zone Riders ( the guys on bikes where they fight zombie-like people. Most notable would be the leader on the single cycle bike ), Silverhawks ( yeah yeah, those space dudes with the guy who uses a guitar to fight evil ), Tigersharks ( underwater dudes who change into half man, half fish...nuff said), Thundercats ( now this I wanna see, after I think the fall of Mumm-ra, the ever-evil, ever-despicable tissue wrapped dude ) and Bravestarr ( Strength of the Bear! Speed of the Puma! Eyes of the Hawk! Ears of the Wolf! and All That Crap! Seriously though, I wanna know what happened after the movie ).

I really miss the old toddler days where evil is evil and good always prevails and there's always a difference between balck and white. But then again there wouldn't be any purpose to the cartoon wouldn't it? But I'm not holding my breath for the return of the Smurfs, hypocrite fags that they are. Ever wonder why there's only one female yet there's a lot of smurfs running around? Fags I say! FAGS! At least Winnie the Pooh has the decency to come out of the closet and proclaim his gayness, shocking as it may be...

Well, my flight has been moved NOT on the 23rd but on the 21st! Damn! Again, I'm gearing up my brain to make dear Mumsy and Pop to give that extra couple of days. I need those days, since I might be starring in a play. If things worked out, I'll be playing the Fat Fool who had too many candies. Hey, wait a minute! That's exactly like me! What the hell... Anyways, it's either that or go back to being a grunt of the Video Expo Team, where nightmares still haunt my days during the harrowing experience we had last week ago.

The Fates, it seems, are always against me. Perhaps a sacrifice might be in order? What would they think of a sacrificial virgin? ( me in this case, I heard there's a theory that a man's virginity can be spontaneously regenerated after 2 years without sex ). Or maybe the burning of all my beloved anime cds for being products of heretics? ( yeah yeah, just like the Dark Ages, for giving unwholesome ideas to the people ).

That's it! I'm stopping now. Had too many candies and it's not a pretty sight if I continue to flagellate myself by writing...gotta stop before it gets worse.

State of Mind: Vivid Memories
Song of the day: TMNT Theme by the cartoon itself
Fave Ninja Turtle Character: Raphael the Hot Headed
Fave Villain in the Series: Hmmm, I have to say either Rocksteady or Bebop


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