Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Seven Days of Happenings: Part One

Merry Christmas! Wow, it's been a week since I logged on. Feels like ages! Lot of stuff has happened, ever since that AV Team Debacle. Anyways, I'll try to summarize what happened.

Thurday: Wow, we went to one of team members house somewhere in Ortigas. One of the rich kids I guess, since her dad used to work as Pepsi's president and CEO. So I wasn't really surprised that when we got there we had to park our car next to a Ford F150 and a Jaguar. Ah well, we ddin't noticed anything else much since we were pressed for time with the deadline looming on our heads. One thing I did noticed though is she has THREE, I repeat, THREE I-Macs! Now I'm totally impressed. Aside from that though, it's totally work work work...

Friday: It's packing day! I tell ya, carrying down 8 boxes through 3 flights of stairs is not my idea of a good day. By the time I was finished, I was drenched in sweat and grime and I think I partially lost every sensation on the left side of my body. Urgh...not good at all. Anyways, Friday is also my Despidida Day. As usual the gang arrived late ( Listen up! It's 6pm right? Not 8pm! Arrrgh! )

The Despidida was cool, though honestly I was expecting more but hey I got to take things as they come and the guys did give me a good send off. Two of the most memorable sharings came from Ina and, surprisingly, Camille. Ah well, I'll cherished them forever ( makes me sound sappy eh? But hey, I like being this way...for now )

Saturday: Actually, Jr asked me...wait, BEGGED me to go to Metrocon now, as in 1:30 AM and travelling at night. It was after the Despidida Party and, after packing up my stuff, went out into the night looking for passage to Morong, Rizal. By the grace of God ( and perhaps a run of unusually good luck ) we got two tinderas to help us out. We arrived there around 4AM, just in time to sleep for one hour and wake up again to finish the stage setup. We computer nerds have out very own tent, so after we set up our stuff, it looked like for all the world a internet station. We had 5 laptops and 1 desktop to be our primary server, and we didn't actaully acknowledge the fun and games as we we're still behind schedule and have to run things quickly.

I'll just touched off the highlights since this is my bro's PC.

Dressing up as Santa was cool, everyont greeting the 'Ol Fat Elf, even people I din't know. Oh, especially the babes, hehe...

The main event for the Metrocon had as running in circles as we tried to do finishing touches on the opening vids, session vids etc...

All in all, it was a fun night, especially Kuya Mari's and Kuya Noli's Talk. I owe a lot to Kuya Noli, hopefully I'll get to thank him properly.

Sunday: Sunday was a blast, since we didn't have anything else to do but listen and generally have fun. Had a fun time bonding with the guys one last time till I leave for my flight at exactly 3:20pm. I'm really gonna miss everyone...

Leaving took some time though, as I had to make sure everything is in place, goodbyes were said and other "leaving for good" ritual stuff...

The flight was uneventful, so I'll not dwell into that.

Damn, I'll stop here, I'll continue later since my bro is hanging at my shoulder, hehe.


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