Monday, December 08, 2003

Teddybears, Dimwitted OS and Siege: Two Towers Remake

I am now coming into terms with my place in this weirdness called life. Much as I hate to admit it, my uncertain role as the big Teddybear became clearer as I got into talking with a friend of mine. I lamented that everybody opens up to me, nevermind the fact that I'm a dude and can't really relate to stuff in question ( ..."you know kuya, I bought a red dress today, and I was so happy because of all the ruffles and...." etc etc etc. How the crap am I supposed to respond?!! ). Well, anyway, after a few minutes of listening to my tirade, my friend looked me straight into my eyes and said "You know, you should be happy cuz you know stuff about us and that's one great advantage. Plus, we females dig men who are good listeners".


Well, who am I to stand against myself? Being true to what you are really matters, nevermind how sometimes you loathe that part of yourself.

Anyways, my computer is also in the brink of reformatted...for the 8th time. The real big problem is it's OS, Windows ME. I prefer WIN98, since, while old, is still very superb and has a few to nada bugs. Sadly, the old system cannot be upgraded to take on new hardwares, softwares etc. Case in point is my beloved P800, who, for weeks now, have tried to download images to the PC. Arrrgh, better do it right next time...

Hobby Store closed today and reopened to a new but smaller venue. Damn, it's so small that even the Starwars players have to wait till all the Magic players finished their game. So how does that affect the Warhammer people? Well, we can only put out one table intead of three, so crowded as it is. But one good thing is that we're right out where everybody can see us. Makes a good publicity stunt, plus the fact we can garner more people to join in. Oh, add the fact that our area has become the hotbed for major hotties, hehe.

Hmmm, this might be a good time to get that Siege game going. 4000 thousand orcs against 2000 elves, dwarves and humans ( Hmmm, The Two Towers remake, Warhammer style ).

Lots of wishes, so little time left.

Speaking of wishes, the Fates are agianst me as my Mom bought me a ticket for the December 17th, without me knowing as usual. ARRRGHHH!!! I really hate it when they do that, make plans without my consent. That sucks big time. Now I have to make do and plan things accodingly if I wanna get out of this trap.

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Days left before I travel home glumly: 9 freakin' days...


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