Saturday, December 13, 2003

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It...

Somewhere in San Juan...

The Weather: Blistering Rain
The Scene: McDonald's Wilson Street
The Agent: Johnny Hamster
The Mission: Make three 15 minute videos for the MetroCon ... in one week!

*cue in Mission Impossible theme ...

Arrrgh, as luck would have it, I got the hardest job ever! Being in the AV team takes guts of iron will, perseverance of rabid dog and the nocturnal tendencies of a vampire bat. Three, count 'em, three! Three videos to be done by the end of the week! And that's not all! My team comprimises only 6 members! Yebah! At least I have the fortune to work with classy babes. Yep, one half of our team are females, those with beauty and brains. The other half are the males ( duh! )which is me, Mike and Iye, those with brute force and overwhelming charm ... yeah yeah yeah , I hear yah, so don't dwell on it.

Our meeting place was Mcdo Wilson, and me and Mike don't know where the hell it is and we spent a lot of time looking for the damn place. Walking on the rain to find Wilson Street didn't improve our tempers much, as we finally dragged ourselves up to the second floor of McDonalds shivering and dripping water. Imagine you're both wet and cold, and that cold becomes freezing as you sit there talking in room with AIRCONDITIONING!!! Yikes! One of the most stupidest things I ever did, but time was the essence, so we shook our common sense and let the chill wind bite our bones as we listened to the plans.

We'll be leaving tommorow 6 am to finish, let me repeat that, to finish taking all the outside video shots in Morong, Rizal. After that, we guys get to work on the pictures and edit the video on Monday to Tuesday, while the ladies take the room and tower scenes. On Wednesday, the men again would take a tour on all the Malls in the area to take video screen shots and pictures. Thursday we meet up again in one of the girl's house to finalize the videos and present them to the upper echelons. If there are changes, Friday is reserved for that.

This schedule only happens when things go according to plan...

And that's the half of it! I have to learn two new programs in three days! Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier, both the primary software to used in editing, both also I know next to nothing.

I feel like one of them Assyrian slaves in the time of the Egyptian Era. No rest, no sleep and a little food now and then. What would really hurt is when we reach Thursday and we have to stay there overnight to finish the job. Much as I like staying in any girl's place overnight, it's just gonna be pure business. I can see it now...baggy eyes, drooping eyelids, bad breath, coffee stained teeth etc etc etc.

I'm trying to update my journal everyday, and I think I can do it still this week. I'll try to update Thursday to Friday but I won't be here Saturday as that's the MetroCon Event.

This is gonna be one hell of a week...

State of Mind: Que Horror!!! Que Horror!!!
Song of the Day: Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
Minutes spent finding Wilson Street in the rain: 45 wet minutes...
Kilometers walked to go to Wilson Street Mcdo: 3.5 weary kilometers


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