Friday, January 02, 2004

The Exiled Saint: Manila Mayhem, Season One Requiem

It's a new year and a new life, hence a new chapter also. The Iloilo chapter would be a long one compared to Manila to the tune of three long years, which also means I'll be busy to write regularly...which I really hope not. In any case, I'll be starting my job at Dad's place this coming Monday. Another small step for the Hamster, another big step for life. Yeah yeah, I'm feeling melencholy right now, weird as it may be. I will miss Manila totally.

One of these days, I'll do a recap on my four year stay there, just not this month probably. Too many painful yearnings. For now, I would like to bury my past and look forward to a dawning of a new age and chapter, nevermind that I'm still in contact with the folks over there, like a habit of addiction. Well, those days will soon pass I'm sure, the almost daily phone calls will become weekly, then monthly, then yea...

Stop. Enough. I don't wanna think about it.

So, in any case, tommorow also marks a new era, at least for my friend that is. My very good friend Mark, he of the geeky glasses, authoritarian-conciliator manner and ex-seminarian, will be married tommorow. As one of his good buddies, he got me as second sponsor, particularly the Cord Couple. Whoopie do da...

Also tommorow is the birthday of my very very bestest ( yeah yeah, you get the picture ) girl buddy since kindergarten. Which also marks another reunion in the process. Which also means the comparing of wiastlines, jobs, lovelife etc.

Growing old is such also a melencholy event.

Which reminds me that my birthday is also getting nearer and nearer. Yeah gads, I'm that old already? Arrrrgh....

Time to tune out now, since I'm in a netcafe and they're closing in a few minutes. I miss Manila for it's all nighters...

That's it! Hamster logging out!!!

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