Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hamster: The Slave and Exile

Wadaho!!! The skies are infinitely blue, the days longer and the air so sickenly sweet. Nothing like 'ol Manila, hey?

Anyways, I got time off from work, pleading a weak case of the shivvies. My parents, being the nervous wreaks that they are, insisted I go to the hospital and do all the necessary and unnecessary check ups...which I really do hate...loathe...whatever...just get the picture...

So I'm here at a Netcafe, wasting my time when I could have use it to play PS2 or perhaps plan things like my escape to the netherworlds...yuck, disregard the last one...

Seriously though, I wake up everyday faced with the notion that I'm going to do the same boring things for the rest of my life...and man it's freakishly scary. Thinking about it makes my blood run cold, in fact all I could do everyday when I wake is not scream at the top my lungs.

So how do I sleep at night? I don't. I practically tire or exhaust myself to sleep, just to wake up with backaches and with a sour taste in my mouth. I keep reminding myself everyday why I have to this, why I need to sacrifice something to gain everything...but sometimes I think I have sacrificed too much...

The trick is not to think about it, but then again its like telling yourself not to think of the color blue. So I'm trying really hard to make myself some pleasurable time or such nonsense to take the bad things off my mind.

So for now, I have Basketball Games on sunday afternoons, morning joggings on weekdays and, when my stuff arrives in a couple of days, my minitures painting session. Oh, and there's this girl that makes me wanna revoke my Kuya License. Question, how do you know the right signals? I totally in the guessing period now, I don't know whether she misses me or "misses" me? Ah well, let's just see as I have a "friendly date" with her this next week.

Oh, browsing through friendster I saw the pics of the guys on their Power Weekend last week. Grabe, nakakaingit! Arrrgh, my heart turned like stone when I saw the happy faces. And to add insult to injury, they texted me "Kuya Am, you gotta see the pics! It was so great! Sayang you weren't there!!!"


Pass me a bottle of sake and let's get this over with.

Speaking of sake, last night I watched The Last Samurai. In truth I was blown away by the cinematography and the battle scenes. I like everything, and that's because no part of the movie was cheesy...except probably for the ending but I guess I'll let that pass. And no, I won't mention Tom Cruise. But I'll mention Ken Watanabe and his japansese dudes though, the Samurais' here who really stole the scene.

Alas, LoTR is on the January 9th, and I'm really hype as hell to watch the Mother of all Endings. Wachoski Bros and George Lucas, this is how a trilogy is made, so pay good attention! I'm lining up to on the first screening!

I get messages and emails and phone calls about the regularness of my journal. Well, rest assured, I'm getting there once I set up things in a week or so, after I get my stuff.

'Nuff said, I gotta go home now and pretend I'm sick or something. Tommorow I gotta wake up early for my Driver's License Renewal Test. And then on Friday, LoTR the whole Day. Then back to work on Saturday. Basketball on Sunday. Work again on Monday through Friday.

My life is a broken down record player.

It needs a fast forward button.

State of Mind: Gray Green Fog of Nothingness
Song of the Day: Fortune Faded by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Now Reading: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Now Playing: Kya, PS2 ( Kinda like a cool spin off of Jax and Daxter )


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