Monday, January 12, 2004

The Price of Literacy and Kill Hamster

Crap, my stuff is not here yet, and I'm stuck using the Netcafe's computers for internet access. Work is going well, at least I'm not bored to the ears and move around a lot. Which means a 50-50 chance that I'll get thin for the summer. But then again maybe not, by the rate I'm consuming food at the house. Damn the unlimited groceries....

Ok, weird thing today is when I bought a new novel by Terry Pratchett in National Bookstore, which costs around 350 pesos for the paperback and 450 for the special edition. I got mine here at only 130 pesos! And that's a new book! Hmmm, the literacy rate here must be going down if they keep marking down books, and new ones at that...

Oh, I watched Kill Bill the other night and I would just like to say that Quentin is the MAN!!! Wow, cool battle scenes and effects, but what really stood out is the music production. Truly a contender for an Oscar Nominee. And the midmovie anime is superb, I'm thinking it was produced by the guys who made Cowboy Bebop. Hmmm, I need to check on that. My favorite would be Chiaka Kuriyama form the Battle Royale fame ( memo to me, must buy the DVD! ). She plays Go-go Yubari, O-Ren Ishii's bodyguard. Nice casting by the way. The only downside would be that the movie was cut into half, Volume 1 and 2, and the second part would come out sometime summer.

All in all, I'm slowly getting into the vibe here in Iloilo, or perhaps because I'm so damn tired everyday that I ceased to care. Perhaps a day back in Manila would make up my week, or perhaps a month even. I'm considering now whether to take a two week vacation in the summer in Manila, all in my expense of course. Right now, Yellow Cab Pizza never looked so good and really to die for...

Arrrgh, I torture myself...

State of Mind: Tiredness Personified
Song of the Day: Someday by Nickelback
Now Reading: Truth by Terry Pratchett
Number of grouchy costumers this day: 3


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