Monday, May 24, 2004

Ad Aspera Ad Astra

I'm pretty pooped today because I'm in the process of cleaning up my room, which is taking me just too damn long for my comfort ( to the tune of 3 days and counting!). Right now, I'm taking measurements for my japanese style bed, looking for fixtures to compliment my stuff and trying out colors for my walls, although I just might leave it as plain boring white, since I'll be clogging up my room with shelves, books, posters and other what-nots. Anyways, some minor updates on what's been going on...

My mum got out of the operating room with a gallbladder stone the size of of marble, grinning happily. Don't whether it's the fact that her problem's been solved, or it's just the morphine talking. I'm guessing the latter. So right now she's cooped up in her hospital room doing nothing everyday except read magazines, watch TV and, when all else looks boring, sleep all day.
How I envy my mother.

On work, my job just got a little hectic since the the position I was talking about the last time got handed to me in a bloody silver platter. So now, my duties include the sales, PR stuff and purchasing. With the exception of sales, all these are in a lower level though, learning day by day how to do this things. So whenever there is an architect ( PR stuff ), I hover at the back listening to the chit chat. Or when there is new stock coming in ( purchasing ), I get to see the reports and try to make sense all the jargon. But mostly I'm stuck looking out for our sales persons and be polite to almost everybody. If I didn't know better, somewhere in my job description there lies the duties of a professional bootlicker( in fine print and in sub-subclauses, of course ). Ah well, as they say, Ad Aspera Ad Astra...from mud to the stars. If I need to do this stuff to make my dreams come through, might as well shut the mind off and just do it.

Doesn't stop me from hating it though.

Anyways, gym workout is doing hell to my body. I think my spine is creaking from all the exertion I've been doing. If this is the price of good health, then I might just die first before reaching it. Arrrgh...

The Mandarin language presents some pretty cool theories that I pondered on for days now, even taking off the pain off my mind. It's not yet finished though, but it deals mostly on history, the arts and the corellation of it all.

Oh, I've started playing again my PSOne. I miss the old RPG's, from Final Fantasy to Legend of Legaia to Star Ocean. It's great to see where good stuff came from, back in the days when all RPG's were linear and had excellent plot. Today's RPG's tend to break away from the form, which is sometimes a bad move itself. But if all turns out right, it has a chance to become an excellent game itself. But I digress...

Anyways, that's it for now as I have to sleep in Dad's room; Lord knows how much I loathe sleeping in his room. But I got no choice since he's all alone ( nervousness, diabetes and low blood pressure...get the picture? ) and asked me nicely. Ah well, I guess I don't have much of a choice now, do I?

State of Mind: Tired...
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