Thursday, May 13, 2004

Boob Tube Madness and Troy: Just Another Movie

I haven't updated yesterday because I was so damn lazy getting ass my off bed. My mind was totally blank, barely registering the TV stations as I cruised through the channels like a drugged-crazed monkey. There is just something...enthralling...about watching TV. Even if there's nothing good going on, people sift through the multitudes of shows in hopes of finding something remotely interesting ( which last about 10 seconds ) and then punching the remote control again to look for something better. So it was that case last night, looking like a fat zombie ( oxymoron if I ever saw one, since zombie usually are thin...), lucidly staring at the boob tube.

This is me, with my life wasting away uselessly...

Anyways, speaking of which, I just watched Troy, where almost every other scene we see Brad Pitt just standing there flexing his muscles and looking for all the world the perfect warrior. No big rants on this one, but no big raves either except for the cool fight between Hector ( Eric Bana, who played him flawlessly ) and Achilles ( Brad Pitt ), duking it out one on one. Orlando Bloom played Paris just well, no big raves either. everthing about this movie is just so-so with some really excellent choreography and battle scenes. Honestly, I yawned through some parts.
The movies strayed from the book form, which would have been a bad idea if they were going for an epic. Apparently, the movie was made with the intention of just being a summer hit. It just could have been better, if they were going for the epic. Ah well...

I was just reading through my testimonials in friendster and they all have one common theme, namely "thanks for everything, you're the best kuya!!!". Damn. Why can't I get that kuya conotation out? Another case for my "Kuya Factor Theory"...

Today is Thursday, which is just three days away from Sunday, my rest day. I'm counting the days now subconciously, always dreaming of Sunday. Work is picking up though, what with lots of customers and architects going in and out buying stuff like there's no tommorow. That's probably because this month is usually the busiest, what with the balikbayans and OCW's going home for their yearly vacation. At least I have some cash, and that's the only thing I can think of as a good reason to work everyday.I'm a slave chained to the need of money with nothing else in his mind. Oh my God, I'm feel like I'm a yuppie.

Damnation. Totally.

State of Mind: Mind-Blank
Song of the Day: Slide by Goo Goo Dolls
Now reading: Orcs and Goblins Army Book by Games-Workshop
Looking forward to: Sunday! Duh!


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