Sunday, May 23, 2004

Dr. Hamster

My mum woke up with pains at her waist and was promptly admitted to the hospital. An hour later or so, she was diagnosed with gall bladder stone and was to have an operation immediately, specifically the next day. So it was the whole I spent going back and forth the hospital, making at least 5 trips getting her stuff, arranging the papers, calling the doctors and, lastly, looking for spare blood. So it was I trudged back home weary and mind aflame because of the short tempers flying around, mostly from the direction of my dad, who is his usual nervous wreck self. Me, I got the drubbing the most, since for some reason, I'm very absentminded today, my head up in the clouds. The reason? I dunno, perhaps it's just Sunday sickness.

Anyways, her operation is at 7 in the morning, and I need to wake up early to be there for support. Dad and my brother are going after the operation, for former's nerve's sake. Then, when they are there, I'm going straight to the office to manage the business with my uncle, since my aunt will be there also with the boss. So tommorow, I'm going to be alone with a handful of customers and with little or no guidance.

Whoopee do...

At least my day was made in the gathering wee hours of morning as I helped my bestfriend's girlfriend. Helping people always gives me gas to go on, and I'm not talking about the gas that comes out of your butt. I don't know why I always try to help people, perhaps I guessing it's just my nature. It's not in my family's genes for sure, knowing them to be helpful just sometimes. For me it's like the extremes, going out of my way just to make someone feel better. Oh, my type of helping is not on the physical or even the monetary help, it's more of the listening type. I guess it's been that way since High School, I always listen very well. But let me clarify first. Listen, yes; understand, not all the time. It's not important to sometimes find the solution readily, the first part is to let it all out. In some of my "cases", sometimes just standing there and listening do more wonders than haggling for obscure solutions.

Perhaps that's why the TV hit series Frasier appeals to me. Wit, humor and making the world a little better is me. Listening is a virtue some can attain, with the patience needed for complete mastery. And of course, secrecy is also a part of the whole shebang, since your reputation as a 'listener' reflects on the number of things you know that they trust you with, and are bound to secrecy. I could have probably been a psychiatrist if there was no family business, and made millions. Then again, perhaps not.


So, anyone out there you just need someone to talk to, someone you need to just listen, then I'm your man. Not that I'm advertising or something, it's just a pure honest offer to someone in need. I'm here, ready and waiting to hear your story.

In the immortal words of Frasier: I'm listening.

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