Friday, May 07, 2004

Eating Frenzy!

Whew...just got back from a feeding frenzy. Today is the annual fiesta of Pototan, and as fiestas go, this one is no different. Lots of grub and munchies to make the belly swell like a balloon.
The house we went to was the girlfriend of my best bud, and although we guys are the only guests from our batch, we still had fun. The other guys seem to hate travelling, as Pototan is like a hour away from the city, taking you into the hinterlands and ricefields.

I miss travelling to the outer regions. It's really very invigorating to feel the wind in your face as you run the breakneck speed of 120 kms per hour, breathing the pure fresh air you blithely know you won't be breathing any more in the next decade or so.


Anyways, fiestas are always a really cool event. Just make sure you fasted the night before to get the full benefit of the feeding frenzy. One of the best places to have a fiesta is in Jaro, since it's one of the biggest municipalities ( not sure about this one, since public opinion says it's a city...) and because most of the gang lives there, making it an orgy of gorging, going from house to house till your tummy literally bulges. I know mine did.


Manny Pacquio's fight is tommorow, and I'm sure as hell anticipating the big bash. Gotta sleep early since it's like 10 in the mornign here, whereas it's night time Saturday for the floks in the otherside of the globe. Go Philippines!!!

State of Mind: Chockful of Food, filled to the brim
Song of the Day: Shotgun by True Faith
Now Reading: Space Marines Codex by Games Workshop
Number of times went back to the table for helpings: 5 times


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