Friday, May 21, 2004

Gaming Previews

I'm so in pain right now. I just finished gym and my knees and elbows all scream for mercy. I can't lift my arms all the way to the top of my head and somehow, can't seem to turn to the left side.

And this is supposed to be healthy?!!

Anyways, I'm back to playing Metal Gear Solid in PS One, just for the nostalgic reasons. MGS: Snake-Eater, part three of the series, is due sometime October latest. MGS:Sons of Liberty sucked grass, disappointing lots of fans by introducing boy toy Raiden. Goddamn idiotic hero if you ask me. Seeing the preview of MGS 3 restored my faith though, to Hideo Kojima, the director and creator of the series.

For those who are unenlightened, Metal Gear is an action/stealth game, tracing it's roots to consoles as old as the Nintendo Family Computer ( must get me one of these for my collection ). You control Solid Snake, one man against an entire army. How can you possibly survive? Stealth is the key, and therein lies the beauty of it. Most action games give you a gun and then you start blasting hordes of enemies. MGS takes that perspective to realistic heights and produces one of the best game series of all time. As I said, stealth is the key, and there is no use barging into a bunch of enemies where you know will get you killed. What's so hype about the next MGS is that this time you get to play in a jungle. A fricken jungle! Meaning there will be no boundaries and your path will be non-linear, exploring more possiblities!! Wow, can't really wait for this one to come out. By far, in all the videogame heroes I've played, no one beats Solid Snake. Nuff' said.
Speaking of games, Warhammer 40k came out with a RTS system for the tabletop game, to be based in the PC. Watching the preview was pure eye candy. True to the system's form, it was bloody and brutal, yet came off with one of the best firefights I've ever seen!! Now, if they can also make one for fantasy...

That's it, I'm off to bed. Time for some shut eye and ease my poor muscles to hibernation.

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