Monday, May 10, 2004

Men and Women

Today is election day, and I got up early in the morning, put on some clothes and drove out to the center to vote only to find out my name's not on the list.


So I went back home and began arranging my room as this is probably the only day in the month that I have the free time to do so. Lots of junk and useless stuff strewn in my room. Then I found out I need a much bigger space for my books then I originally planned for, perhaps extending the whole length of the wall instead of just half of it. Which would mean I need to put some furniture out, leaving me with a display case, my bed, the TV, the computer, a very small rectangular sofa and my seat of power, the "Black Bean Bag of Thinking".

I need a bigger room...

Just watched the ending of Survivor: All Stars. Although the ratings weren't what it used to be but the fact that everyone's favorite survivors came out to play lends a certain excitement. The final two, lover Rob and Amber, are just a sideline ( although a big one); what I liked about it is that everyone is angry with someone, which of course can satisfy anyone's morbid fantasy about human nature. Me, I watched it just for that sole reason alone, kinda like scientist deciphering the caveman's way of life. Very fun, if you ask me, hehe.

Just updated my MySpace account, which kinda cooler than friendster in terms of quality. Check out the gallery, some 10+ photos of me, my barkada and my sisters who call me Kuya. Damn that kuya factor. Speaking of which...

Me and Pinkgurl got into a debate about love just this evening. It was about the difference of falling in love and knowing you're in love. I myself agree with her that I fall in love at least once a month...hell, sometimes trice if I'm in Manila. The reason for our debate is that I fall for every girl that comes close to me, which is undeniably true. And it sucks I tell you. I can't seem to hold these feelings in check, sometimes it's so strong that I go bonkers and drool a lot like absent minded 70 year old war veteran. What can I say, I like girls. It's a normal reaction for a guy right?

The point in fact is that I just can't seem to get over it. Is it probably that I'm in love with love itself so much, like Pinkgurl said? Perhaps, but that just won't hold water with me. I know the difference of being in love and having just a fling.

Or maybe I just wasn't clear with what I feel. The right words can express volumes in the right times and this I think is where I went wrong. The female of the species tend to specify things to the point of obssession, whereas we men tend to let things slide and let them be. That perhaps is one the profound yet simple difference of men and women. Perhaps if I said it's "just a crush" then "having feelings for her", then me and Pinkgurl wouldn't have that debate ( although I'm sure she was just itching to say those things to me she wouldn't have said years ago when I used to court her ). To a woman, "a crush" is something that's just pure admiration; whereas the latter tend to play in a different field...although the former could go up this way.

See what I mean about the thinking of men and women?

Sometimes, it's a good idea to know these things. It saves up a lot of misunderstandings in the future, in any case. Just knowing what or how the sex thinks gives you a big advantage in the battlefield...figuratively speaking of course.

In any case, if I do fall in love ( from a man's view ), or shall I say have a crush ( for the ladies' view ) with someone, then I'll damn make sure that things would go in a smooth direction...
Which, of course, coupled with the "Kuya Factor", is impossible situation.

But sometimes, you gotta take risks...

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