Friday, May 21, 2004

Saturday Blah 2

I just watched Shrek 2, and this goes down as one of the funniest animation I've seen. Went out with Car Babe ( now that's an even more obvious codename...), who for weeks have been planning to watch a movie with me but our just schedules didn't coincide. Actually called her up in the morning if she's like libre later. Anyways it was an excellent movie and nice twists and turns. Dreamworks studios has outdone themselves again, and this time adding more Grimm stuff then before. Can't remember when I last had fun watching a movie.

Saturday marks as our last day of Big Sale, and boy, there was a swarm of costumers waiting for us. Damn, I must have been standing and running for like 3 hours straight, because I think I heard my knees groan in relief when I finally stumbled to a chair. It was an exhausting day, and it would have been that so if I hadn't watched Shrek 2. At the very least, the movie cools down the nerves and such.

Saturday also marks as a night out day for the folks here in the province, and the malls are usually packed to the brim with Ilonggos, out to watch a movie also or party hearty at one of the restos outside. I don't usually go out on this day, since I really hate big mall crowds, even in Manila where Glorietta tends to attract big crowds when there's a sale. Saturdays mean for a route straight home, watch a home movie, read a book etc, just to escape the crowds. Not that I'm claustrophobic or something, but there's difference between mall crowds than, hmmm let's say, a rally or something. It's just me I guess...

My body still husts from the gym exercise, and were going to do it all over again on Monday. Hopefully, I'll recover enough to make it through the session.

State of Mind: Exhausted Yet Satisfied
Song of the Day: Plush by Stone Temple Pilots
Now Reading: Space Marine Codex by Games Workshop
Looking For: Shrek 2 Sountrack


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