Monday, May 17, 2004

Short Office Updates

Last night we had a heavy rainstorm that was just one drop away from being called a typoon. I was doing my thing, surfing the net and enjoying the gloomy days of fresh downpour. When the lights went off at around 11pm, my screams of rage were literally drowned out by the buckets of water pouring outside, punctuated by claps of thunder so loud I thought the World War Three was happening already. Or perhaps the end has finally come. In any case, it was freezing last night.

Ah well, better sleep early, big day tommorow.

Tomorrow marks the day wherein I say goodbye to my old fatty self and welcome a ( hopefully ) well toned body. Me and brother enrolled in gym class, since we haven't got anything to do after work. Oh, we also enrolled in some chinese language courses, in preparation for out China Trip this coming September. Which means our work time will be cut by a third.


Anyways, I can't stay long, I'm doing this in the office. We're having a week long sale right now, so I'd better hop to it. Ciao!

State of Mind: Anticipation
Song of the Day: Burn by Usher
Now Reading: The Essential Calvin and Hobbes
Looking forward to: Sunday's Basketball Game! Cattleya vs. Anthurium!! w00t!!!


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