Friday, May 14, 2004

Talking About My Armies... updates today as I'm busy with a party...Dad's party actually. Anyways, I was going to rave about my new fantasy army, Beast of Chaos, but I guess I just don't have the time or the energy to expound later. In any case, that gives me a total of four armies, two from fantasy and two also from 40k. Weirdly, I play the evil races in the former while in the latter, I go for the good guys. To wit, I always like Orcs and Goblins for their wacky style of warfare, as with Beastmen, although the "beastie boys" tend to go for strategy unlike the orcs who just charge the nearest enemy. Mostly, I like the psychological warfare on both armies. The Orcs have fanatics to give the enemy pause, while Beastmen tend to make the enemy lose his concentration by always staying away from the table corners, never knowing when the ambush will come.

In 40k, there is just one style I subscribe, which is the art of dealing death from afar. Imperial Guradsmen excel in this type of warfare, as my second army the Salamanders, which always favor the war of attrition.

Going bashy for fantasy, shooty for 40k. Hmmmm, I see a trend here...
In any case, if there's one common thing in all my armies is the fact that they come in numbers. Well, technically my Salamanders have the some pricey units but they can be off setted by the number of guns they carry, hehe.

Okay, I'm stopping here. Besides, this is just interesting to those who understand the game. For the unenlightened, then I suggest you go grab a burger or something. Nothing here except for wargaming geeks :-)

Gotta run, the guests are getting a little tipsy...


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