Thursday, May 06, 2004

Updates!!! Get Your Updates!!!!

Ohayo Gozaimasu!!!

Good Morning! Finally, some time of my own, even if it's at the crack of dawn. Well, not technically the crack of dawn, but it is for me at 8 in the morning.

Let's see what been happening from the time I got back...

Work is still the same boring crappy idiotic job it is, but it pays the bills, so I guess I can't do jack about it. I've been somewhat promoted to executive vice head of sales, which is just a fancy title to suggest I'm the new whipping boy for our head of sales. Boring as hell, but when the a mucho big time client comes in I get to listen and learn the ropes as I'll probably head the department in a couple of years or so. It's either that or get into the business of purchasing, which would mean that I get to rub hands with the nobs, our suppliers.

But knowing my dad, he'll give me the two positions just to test my mettle....sheesh...
In any case, I guess it allows me to prepare somewhat to the inevitability of taking over the business. Arrrgh...


Last night, me and a group of old leaders in the old community got together for a couple of glasses of vodka ( weird how things have this sudden deja vu moment...) to talk about the deteriorating problem in our cluster, since our group used to spearhead the whole of the island of Panay and produce lots of good capable leaders like me ( well, yeah, kapal I know, but I gotta have pride in that. After all these years I still have my principles and that's something right? ). In any case, we decided to go back to the old system of household, something akin to what Mike told me sometime ago. Perhaps a reemergence of the best cluster in West V?


One weird thing last night is that the group keep pushing me into this certain girl ( now that's a big case of deja vu, the baywalk scene last couple of months ago but this time in my province!) that I, well, honestly, like her as much as my very own sister. In any case, it just struck me as so funny and weird at the same time.

It's so hard to be an eligible bachelor. Whehehehehe...

I've halfway finished the unpacking of stuff, as I found out I need new shelves for the ton of books I bought back at last week's Manila soiree. So the stuff is still in limbo as we speak, looking for a place to land and chill.

It's been a tiring yet exciting week actually, what with the elections this coming Monday and the Pacquiao vs. Marquez bash this Sunday. Guess which more anticipated by the people, hehe.
Gotta run, Da' Boss is here.

Hamster logging out.

State of Mind: Flurry of Activity
Song of the Day: Six Play by George Benson
Now Reading: Eric by Terry Pratchett
Looking forward to: the weekend!!!


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