Saturday, June 05, 2004

Cattleya Vs. Anthurium: The Wars Begin Anew

For the unelightened, I'm not really talking about flowers! I'm talking about the two sections in our high school, aptly named Anthurium and Cattleya. A brief rundown...

Our university follows the precepts of any scholarly type of school, meaning they only take the best and the brightest of students. Only through a rigorous screening can a student be accepted in our school, indeed you can only enter high school if you started the first year. After that, no other students can enter in the succeeding years, so I guess that's probably the reason people at West V stay close even if the years go by. But that doesn't mean that once you're in you're safe, oh no! It's pretty hard to lie and and study hard to maintain grades, hehe. If I remember correctly, our batch started out with 108 students ( we were that few!!! ) and, after three years of diligent monkey businesses, we finally reached 4th year with only a hundred left. And so we got divided up into two sections. Usually the division lies with the matter of grading average, in our case the top 50 going to one section and the lower 50 going to another one. Life was good at that point, with little or no frictions at all.

Then 4th year came.

This time to our surprise, the roster got jumbled, geeks rubbing shoulders with the jocks and celebrites exchanging notes with the groupies. That year, our last year in high school, changed everything.

It was the year of chaos.

Gradually the dust settled down and things went back to normal, or what passes for normal in our school. Suddenly things came to head. Our varsity team usually composes of jocks with some nerds and true scholars ( mga rizal ng bayan. ) We didn't actaully think of a section rivally till our last year together, but things suddenly looked promising and eventually became a matter of honor and just pure unaldurated fun. Since everyone is jumbled around, and with varsity basketball, football etc. got cut in half, the section wars started out. Friendly rivally so to speak.

This day, after the baptismal of Pal's son ( more on this later!!! ), the guys headed out to the courts for the weekly game of basketball. Since almost all of the barkada was there, it turned out to be a reunion of sorts, and the advent of the return of the section wars. Finally, after all these years, Cattleya versus Anthurium clashed again for the pride of being called the top section ( Kinda like LoTR, hehehe ).

The line up for the Cattleya:
Earl, Syd, Yams, Mamel and Jed. Damn hard line up if you ask me, with the first three of the varsity 1st five on deck. Mamel provides support with Earl in rebounding while Syd and Yams both take point in directing traffic with Jed going for three pointers. Gary and Gudz are the substitutes.

For the Anthurium:
Me, Instik, Maui, Bas and Ian. Hmmm, kinda like a mismatch here. Only one of our team is on the first five ( Intsik, Da Team Captain ), while the rest are usually bench warmers, with the exception of Maui who doubles with Yams as point guard during our varsity days. Rod and Ron are our substitutes.

In any case, this would be an uphill climb for our team, and the terms to win is to reach 30 points using normal rules ( i.e. three pointers, charging etc. ). To cap it all off, the refreree is our very own Coach Gaban, who seems delighted at the prospect of reunion/battle, hehe.
Game 1 started. And ended after a fashion.

The Score: Anthurium 30, Cattleya 18.

Whehehe, we actually won! Hmmm, perhaps one of our factors in winning was our benchwarmers who, after gaining a considerable lead in halftime ( A-15, C-8 ) took the game into another level by replacing me and Ian. Ron's quick hands seem everywhere, while Rod, the Paperman, provided a decent amount of both rebounds and points. Thus the game ended in a very huge upset.

Then, after a couple of games by other players ( we of course, are not alone in the court, since it's typically Sunday Gameday ), from other batches, schools etc, Game 2 started, with Cattleya promising vengence. This time, things look grim as Instik had to do something and Rod the Paperman went home early. We have no substitutes! Uh oh, looks like a trampling session is in order...

Anthurium line-up:
Me, Maui, Ron, Bas and Ian. Our gameplan? Speed and more speed, with me and Bas taking care of the rebounds.

Cattleya Line-up:
Earl, Gudz, Yams, Syd and Mamel. Jed went home too, to study I think, so Gudz went in to provide rebounding support and especially to harrass me ( long story, funny actually, hehe ).
Now this game will probably look like a Lakers ( Cattleya with it's all-star cast ) vs. Pistons ( Anthurium with humbler lineup ).

The game started again, for the second time. The it finally ended.

The Score: Anthurium 30, Cattleya 27!!!

w00t!!! But this time it was a more grueling game. Our plan worked, making use of our speed to gain advantage to take the lead in the first half 16 to 12. Then they started to catch up, even going neck to neck in a couple of times. It was a very tough game, harder still since I pulled my leg in the 2nd half but have to go on since there are no substitutes. Good thing Instik finally came back to replace me and took the winning three pointer to seal the game. Whew...
That's it! Anthurium wins! Maybe next time we won't be so lucky, but it's all good. And fun! Hehehe...

So, before the game, we went to Myll Andrei baptismal, Pal's son. It was kinda cool, even the priest was joing in the revelry by joking that he can't possibly bless all the ninongs and ninangs by holy water, we were simply too many ( 30+ godparents!!! ), so he decided to just offer a benediction instead. Nice.

Oh, good news and bad news. My best bud won last night in his gig, overcoming 17 bands to take home the 1st prize. Bad news is that they bring my blind date, saying she's busy and is opening a bar in Monday. Ah well, at least I had fun last night, although the rock scene in Iloilo has change over the years. It's probably a long while since I went to one of this things, but I still remember to wear a black shirt if you wanna remain anonymous and just be a part of the crowd. Rockers equal black clothes, although that's just generically speaking of course.

Or as they say in Rome: Caveat Emptor!

This is the Hamster, tired to the bones and just plain zoned out, signing off. Good night!!!!

State of Mind: Blue Beds Flying On A White Sheet
Song of the Day: Stop the Rock by Appollo 440
Stats for the 1st Game: 7 rebounds, 2 points and 3 assists
Stats for the 2nd Game: 13 rebounds, 6 points and 5 assists


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