Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Gunbound Mania

It's late, so I'll make this quick. Tommorow, I'll be at the Jaro branch, this time overseeing the place for a couple of days. Dad apparent;y wants me to jump in the fire right away. I vaguely know what I'm going to do there, most likely I'll be learning the ropes on how to run a small operation. Ah well, at least it's just for a couple of days, and away from Dad's prying eyes...

I'm now addicted to the online game of Gunbound, which was made by Koreans ( same as Ragnarok ). It takes the exciting turn-based game of Worms to a whole new level with more cooler stuff and add-ons, like new weaponry, gear and even helmets! But what makes this game great is the fact that you choose your mobile ( i.e. the "tank" you're riding ) from more than 9 different types, each unique in its own from weaponry to armor. Perhaps it is also one of the recommendad games in the net is the fact that its totally free. Just download the installation file, install, and play. Nice and easy.

Anyways, gotta sleep now and dream dreams of leisure.

State of Mind: Groggy
Song of the Day: Corcovado by E.B.T.G.
Now reading: JLA: Divided We Fall by DC Comics
Favorite types of mobile: The Boomer, The Armour and The Nakmachine


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