Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hamster Gets A New Look!!!

Finally!!! Everything is now A-OK, lan-based DSL connection really does wonders to the system ( both mine and the PC, hehe ). Am now in the process of putting the finishing touches in the system, like rebuilding the drivers, files etc. And I got a new look for my blog! How cool is that?!

Anyways, aside from this, things are getting hectic round the office. There's a HCG appreciation dinner tommorow, and then there's a manager's meeting on Sunday, where I'm expected to lay out the new designs for the main store and the branches. On top of that, I'm trying to find the time to paint my figs, which I have never ever touched since I got back from Manila.

This month probably is my "fixin" month, having redecorated my room, bought some furnitures, added some doo-dahs to the walls, and putting up and upgrading my PC. It's been a busy and productive month for me truly.

That's it, can't stay long, have to finish installing all the other programs. Tommorow, after the dinner party, I'll proabably make do with spiffing up my blog site with pictures and stuff, and also with my writing! Yeah gads, having just reviewed the stuff that I wrote for the past few weeks really got down. I sound like a broken down record! Sheesh!!!

Ah well, as they say, tommorow is brand new day! Definitely! Daily updates start now! w00t!!

State of Mind: Euphoria!!!
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