Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hamster Potter and the Rodent of Azkhaban


It was 10 am and the line was already long in the cinemas as people waited for the booth to open and dole out tickets for the premiere of Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkhaban. Luckily, yours truly don't need to wait in no stinking line; yours truly already got himself premiere tickets! You know, I always gripe about things in my province, but nothing beats the fact that everyone knows someone. I got my tickets from...uh, shall I say, a certain personage? Hehehe, anyways so it was that me and my best friend, Pringles, got in first and selected the best seats in the this case, the middle third row seats, perfect view to the screen and is natural eye-sight level.

The room filled in quickly and, finally, after some technical difficulties, the movie started.
It was good, real good, upping up my opinion on the Harry Potter movie series. The first two were less then satisfactory; Prisoner of Azkhaban shakes off that bad slump and far outshines the other two. The new director ( damnation, I forgot his name for the moment ) really gave the series it's due. The movie showed the important parts of the book without going out of the story, which I think is the most essential thing in this particular undertaking. All in all, I thought it was a cool movie and settled down to watch.

Then Gary Oldman came out as Sirius Black.

It was literally pure eye-candy. I wish there were more scenes of him instead of just the 20 minutes he was in the movie. He really played the character extremely well. He cavorted in fear, rolled in anger, walked the fine edge of insanity and sanity to the T. It was just like watching Yoda fight Count Dooku in the Starwars: Attack of the Clones, jolting me from my sleep from the boorish and inane dialogue. Sure, it was pure eye-candy but one hell of a crappy movie. But the real difference was that in HP: PoA was that I jolted out of being moderately pleased to being stunned to insensibilty. Gary Oldman, much kudos to you!

Then movie ended in a sort of bitin, but I guess it's all good since the movie turned out well.

Next stop: Spiderman 2!!!!

Oh, my PC is still in it's cryo-embryonic stage. To the unenlightened ones, that relatively means that I finished cleaning up my files and is now ready for format. I'll probably do that this Friday, and by Monday my new and improved PC will up and ready. For now, am using Dad's PC, clean and pristine as it is.

That's kinda like housekeeping I guess. Sometimes you gotta stay outside your room and turn your own room upside down to make sure that every speck of dust is dusted out.
Ah well, better put my workgloves on now...

State of Mind: Potterish...
Song of the Day: That Choir Song in HP: PoA
Now Reading: Path to Dawn by R.A. Salvatore
Favorite Scene in HP:Prisoner of Azkhaban: The scene where Remus Lupin and Sirius Black confront Peter Pettigrew, the whole Shrieking Shack Scene!


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