Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hamster's Reality Check

Ok, everything is now in place. My room now boast a new table, new keyboard and mouse ( both wireless!w00t ), new speakers for added boost and, the most important of all, a brand new laundry bag!!! No more dirty, smelly clothes lying about the floor like a snake's peeled skin, hehe.

Sunday gameday wasn't the best at all, since the usual court ( PESCAR's ) that we play was being used by the dancing team led by our old teach in our HS days, Miss ( now Mrs. ) Rendaje. SO we hauled ourselves up to the HS courts. Man, it was weird coming back to that place. Deja vu surreal extreme, half expecting the afternoon bell to ring so we now go up the building. The old mango tree was still there, with the very old stone benches and our marks on them ( yeah gads, was it like 7 years ago? Time does really fly... )

Anyways, we didn't even finish the first game as a sudden storm erupted, making us move back the Pescar court to wait it out and also wait for the dancing team to finish up. Surprise surprise, our old music teach Mrs. Nuneza, was also there. Hmmm, must rememeber to ask her how's her daughter. She had the biggest crush on me on HS, and yeah, she's kinda pretty to boot. Too bad I already had a girlfriend at that time...

Ah well, that's history. Anyways, Game 4 of the section rivalry got delayed again by lack of players, so were hoping to do it again next Sunday. Then we'll trounce the Cattleya Section for good.

Okay, reality check. I have been in this province for more than 6 months. Life now today is more bearable than the first few months, wherein there wasn't a day that I wasn't griping about the province and missing Manila, vowing one day I'll come back to stay there for good. I even made plans on how to do it, involving a screwdiver, a no.5 mongol pencil, a wild baboon and a pre-heated lollipop at 57 degrees ( don't ask ). Seriously, I wasn't happy.

Now, I guess I got sorta numb all about it. One thing I learned over and over is that to delay the inevitable is useless as stopping a meteor headed for Earth. And yeah, while it's liberating, even heroic sometimes, it doesn't do all that much, except perhaps smudge your dignity. Hell, if there was ever a chance, I would bite, scratch and kick just to claw myself back to Manila. That was then though, now its just at the back of the head, laying low, in stasis. I think that I finally accepted that I'm here, and here for good, but it never lessened the dream of going back. Oh well...

Besides, I got a good job, got myself some new spiffy stuff, and can buy all the books I want. Bribery perhaps, but that's one way straight into my heart. Underhanded trick that was, but hey, it was one point for the opposition ( naks, parang politics na 'to ah...)
So now, I guess, yeah I kinda accepted the fact that I'm here. Am I happy? I guess, sorta. At least that's better than the few months before...

Now before I go melencholiac all over, I logging off to read some stuff I bought over the last time I visited Manila and escape this dreary world for a while.

State of Mind: Bleary-eyed
Song of the Day: I Will Fly by Ten to Five
Now reading: Legends of Riftwar by Raymond E. Feist
Gameday Stats: Two Games, 8 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists


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