Sunday, June 27, 2004

Monday Madness

I woke up early this morning to bravely face the disaster that is going to happen to me: taking my annual check-up at the hospital.

Which usually means blood tests.

So there I was, bravely waiting for the call, so like a soldier waiting for the command to charge and storm the bunker, never knowing if you're gonna buy the farm or not ( read: military term of going to die ). Then, after like centuries have passed by, my name was called and I courageously step up to the chair, let my hands be binded by rubber and then let it be stucked by a needle.

And all I can do is not scream like a baby girl.

In all my life, I can't stand needles. It took all of my natural and supernatural powers to ignore the needle protuding in my arm while it sucked the blood out of me. And this went on for a two minutes, though it felt like a lifetime. Can you imagine sitting there and forcing yourself not to look because you know if you do, you might just shake your arm free and break the needle...
Brrr, I don't even want to think about it.

Then it was over. I got up with a wan smile on my face while the nurse ( she's actually very pretty; she's one of the reasons I acted up the brave one lest she think of me as a wuss, hehe ) told me to come back for the results later.

Office duties started, still boring as hell since these months are usually lean months. After lunch the results arrived and to my relief, my blood sugar is normal! No diabetes for another year! w00t! But my cholesterol is on borderline, and it's probably time to cut down on the meat. What's weird is that trigyceride is way above normal. What the hell is a trigyceride? It's like 50% more than the average. Hmmm, I hope it's not bad as tommorow we'll bring the results to our doctor and see what happens.

Anyways, scanning to my cousin Kay's blog, I found this site where you type your name and see what happens. Judging by her results, no wonder she was pissed off. Mine's cool, had like very nice compliments and stuff, and to wit:

Googlism for: arsenio
arsenio is lively
arsenio is alive
arsenio is a kinder
arsenio is there
arsenio is carrying has the
arsenio is grateful for every round that morgoth misses or tries to cast brain smashing or summons monsters and gets jackals
arsenio is the name of my first and favourite cat
arsenio is already there
arsenio is shot
arsenio is classic late 80's/early 90's style
arsenio is dressed in a white clown costume
arsenio is doing so well that they're not really worried about me
arsenio is back in the house doing highlights
arsenio is currently touring the country performing live
arsenio is going nowhere but up from here on out
arsenio is best known for his work as a
arsenio is off the air
arsenio is the sheer power of his band
arsenio is a noarsenio is enrolled in the massachusetts institute of technology in the united states
arsenio is able to attract guests who know he will be a gentle questioner and an empathetic listenera
rsenio is speaking of himself
arsenio is now a financially stable farmer but he wants to share his blessings with his neighbors so he ventured in a small cattle production enterprise
arsenio is preparing to teach in the bible school again this year
arsenio is suitably impressed with our craft
arsenio is doing guest spots for jay
arsenio is optimistic about capstone
arsenio is my buddy
arsenio is a superb actress who recently wrapped her first movie
arsenio is at the gate and so's joan rivers
arsenio is the most dangerous one of all
arsenio is revealed holding a recently fired rocket launcher
arsenio is busy
arsenio is bustling uparsenio is buzzless just two weeks away from opening night
arsenio is worse than just being a "sheep"
arsenio is stationed in dili
arsenio is off the air? who has he recorded with?
arsenio is an old time player who became a coach about twenty five years ago for deportivo
arsenio is a nicely restored house in a quiet cul
arsenio is classic
arsenio is officially off the air
arsenio is a very bright young man
arsenio is a giant
arsenio is getting sick of me asking "what time is arsenio is on 'martial law' right now? i thought the naacp was for other things first
arsenio is teamed up once agin with frank welker
arsenio is a multi
arsenio is a good young man who is very capable in the word as well as being a very cheerful soul
arsenio is a 27 yr old young man from oecusse
arsenio is delivering a line
arsenio is "da man"
arsenio is syndicated
arsenio is only to
arsenio is the nicest bartender
arsenio is back? i'm having flashbacks of him sporting
arsenio is no sam
arsenio is dumped again
arsenio is in our database
arsenio is very weak
arsenio is such a fucking moron
arsenio is a fairly bright person
arsenio is an excellent vocalist who has an extensive repertoire of music for your listening or dancing pleasure and during his set
sarsenio is in my face

Hehe, I like mine, even if half of it are not true. I particularly like 6th one, about the mis-summoning of jackals ( weird stuff ) for it's presumably fantasy take and me holding a secret rocket launcher and being the most dangerous one of all ( how cool is that ). Perhaps the one that struck me the most is " Arsenio is the nicest bartender ". Talk about metaphors. In the sense, I'm like a bartender ( without the bar, duh! ) who listens to people everyday, with compunctions and seeing both sides at all. Just like the proverbial barman who listens to the guys on the barstools and then giving his take on the issue at hand. That's what I wanna achieve ( just to clarify: not bartending! ), meaning I'm here, always here to listen but don't expect me to take sides.

Sometimes, being on the fence does help people open communications, no matter how preposterous it sounds.

Ah well...

State of Mind: Hyper Mode
Song of the Day: Manic Monday by The Bangles
Now Downloading: Gunbound, Korean based internet game
Looking for: A new videocard!


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