Monday, June 28, 2004

The Results, Gaming and Puppy Love

It's like two in the morning and I'm still wide awake, just like old times in Manila. I really do cherish these moments of peace, being alone in the dead of the night with no sounds to distract me. Kinda like a zen moment, drawing the energy from the gloom of the night.

Anyways, the results from the doctors were finally "tabulated" and it proclaimed to the world that I'm healty normal man, albeit a fat one. Those tryglecerides weren't a problem, even if I was way over the limit. I do need to cut down on my meat though, and that means I can't eat 90% of my regular foodstuff. Being a carnivore does have some drawbacks. At least the findings showed that I didn't have diabetes or hypertension at all, thank God.

I'm back to playing Ragnarok like an unrepentant addict, this time going for the merchant route again on the IRIS server. Meanwhile, while waiting for my energy bar recover, I also play Dark Throne, a online turn-based strategy game, still in alpha testing. Dark Throne is cool, for a game on the sidelines, for those people who want to play but with only minutes to do so. Nice setup, hope to see it go boom in its beta and final stages. Sadly though, the alpha testing is still in text mode, but that's the only gripe I can find.

Spent the whole afternoon texting my cousin Kay and teasing her about her crush. Apparently, the guy likes her too, but that's just what I think. In all cases though, asking a girl if you can make hatid to her house is tantamount to raising a flag that says "Hey, I like you. Can I get to know you better?"

Ah, puppy love. Some things never do change.

Well, that's it then, I'm off to La-la Land. I gotta get up early else I'll miss my gym schedule. Maybe I'll do a theory on the whole boy meets girl thingy, that is if the time [ is like this ] and mood is right. Oh well, g'night then!

State of Mind: Fuzzy Bleariness
Song of the Day: Sweet Steps by Junction 18
Room cleanliness: 90%
Now Looking for: A pillow that seemed to be lost somewhere...


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