Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Search Party Begins And The Coming Of The Green Tide

Quick updates!!! Am at Dad's office ( obviously ) and the expedition will commence later as I will be going home to escort a technician to check on Operation: Connecting People if the lines are fine and the system ok. While he's doing that, I'm going to hunt high and low for the missing cds, in a short span of time ( hmmm, parang mission: impossible with a dash of temple of doom ah... )

Also, me and my friend in Manila have been planning a huge huge game of Warhammer, in the event that I could go there. 5000 points of green smelly orcs against 5000 points of fanatical bloodthirsty dark elves. Interesting matchup I should say, with me ahead in orchish model count with 400 models while the dark elven kin number to only 200. What going to get me down in the number of arrows the bastards can unleash against my horde, perhaps numbering to over a hundred shots per turn. So its pretty equal I guess, and it all boils down to superior numbers against massive firepower.

Anyways, gotta run!!! Perhaps my PC will finally run tonight!!!

After a few freakish hours....

Damnation! I'm still here stuck at the office. The techy was late and I decided to move the date to tommorow, seeing there's this sudden deluge of costumers at my doorstep!! And just me alone in the store, since my Dad, Mom, Aunt, Uncle and my brother all went out for various reasons. Right now, I'm so tired I possibly think that my bones have been rubberized. Well, that's it, cuz more costumers coming in! My typing here is just a slight reprieve to the chaos outside, and back outside I go!!!



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