Saturday, June 05, 2004

Things Are...Well...Can't Actually Explain....

Ok, I'm here right now at an Internet Cafe, watching the hours go by as I wait for my best friend's gig tonight.

I woke up early this morning to attend a seminar for upcoming Godfathers and Godmothers, as our one of our barkada's son is getting baptized tommorow. What's fun is that we, the whole friggin group, get to be one, godfather that is. Plus of course some relatives and such, but the number to mention is that Pal's ( our bud's name )kid is getting at least 25 godparents! And that's just the godfathers alone, not counting the godmothers. Hmmm, this might be the start of a trend when everyone has their own sons and daughters. At least I won't go out looking for one, hehe.


Last night was surreal. I went out on a Friday night, an event unprecedented and unexpected. It was supposed to be a barkada affair but then it turned out into a sort of a double date. Yes, faithful readers, yours truly has gone out on a date...well, techically I guess. We were supposed to play bowling but to due to circumstances we ended up going to videoke bar ( that's the thing about filipinos, we sure love our videoke bars, hehe ). So it was just me, Pinkgurl and her boyfriend Sir Troubador, and HER. Yes, no special nicknames since this one is kinda special. And yes, there is still the Kuya Factor to consider of ( as always! ) but I guess I'll try to work around that, plus the fact my chances are getting stronger somewhat ( gut instinct on the hyperdrive mode ). After we finished singing and the caterwauling noises died away, we went to an italian resto ( yep, this is turning out to be a double date!! ) for dinner, Then we headed out to the alma mater bar near the school itself for a couple of beers and for a night cap, went to another bar for some acoustic sounds. All this time, I'm playing it cool, and finally made hatid with her to her home.

But I'm still not making any illusions whatsoever, though I did send out some "sounders" to "feel the line", if you know what I mean. In any case, if things don't go the way I dreamt about last night ( yep, I dreamt about me not being single anymore...weird...), then I guess it's all good. Besides, tonight might be my lucky night since my best bud would be introducing me to this certain girl. Then again, as blind dates go, I'm not really all hype about it.
Ah well, if things do go badly, might as well enjoy the evening of rock hard jam, with my best bud at the helms of course.

Damn, I miss playing bass...

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