Monday, June 21, 2004

Wanted: Trackers and Trailbreakers For Important Expedition!!!

Operation: Connecting People came to pause as I try organized an expediton to find the lost drivers, lost somewhere in jungles of my bodega. Deep within the sprawling expanse of that room lies two misbegotten cds looking for salvation and a way out of this mess. Looks like a serious job for Indiana Hamster, with his trusty whip cream soda and pea shooter! Off to the hitherlands!!!
Yep, my PC is still busted as I try to find the time to hunt those lost cds. Taking into the account that I now work Monday-Saturday and playing basketball every Sunday, and also the size of my bodega, the chances of finding them are pretty slim...unless I get a day off or something. In any case, this bodes ill for my project as everything came to a halt.


Sunday was a so-so day. We didn't have any a Section game since the Cattleya team didn't have the numbers to against us ( cries of "default!" in the background ) and we just played some regular. In the end though, I got chewed out again. It was the last play of the last game, and everyone was damn tired. The score was 28-29, with our team trailing by two. Maui got off a shot that would have won the game but got tipped by the fingers of Syd. When I got the offensive rebound and tried to shoot, I find that ball wasn't in my hands anymore, was stolen by Yams and it was streaking somewhere in the backcourt for the win. My only defense is that I'm tired, ok? Four games is enough to make a man my size and girth preety run over, sheesh...

Oops, gotta run! I'm in the netcafe and a friend just entered! Don't want her to know about this!!



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