Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero

Whoa. Awesome. Amazing. Totally.

I just watched the premiere of Spiderman 2 ( or what passes for premiere around here ) and I was totally blown away. Stan Lee is a god, and Sam Raimi is his prophet. Everything is just perfect, down to storyline ( albeit a little deviated ) and characters. My gripe is the fact that Doc Ock should be a little more older, since there was a story that he proposed to Aunt May, but that's just a little detail. Antonio Molina does credit to the role of Doc Ock, and for that I give him two thumbs up.

What else can I say? The movie rocks, the cast rocks, the story arc rocks. The fight scenes were superbly done, the cinematography perfect. And I can't wait for the next installment! My take on this? Ever since it pre-introduced Dr. Connors and the last part about Harry Osborn finally knowing the truth about his father's legacy and secret, my guess would be that the next storyline would involve the Sinister Six.

Yep, Spidey is going against not one, not two, but six powerful villains in the next movie, that is if it stays true to comic book form. Doc Ock will come back alive a little deranged and Harry Osborn will take the mantle of his father. The story would probably involve Dr. Connors as its main storyline, along with Mysterio, Rhino and Shocker. There's a slight possibility that it would just be Spidey versus Lizardman without the Sinister Six, but the way things are going, it might just not happen. If this is the case, following the comicbook format, then my guess that after the third, the fourth installment would involve none but the most ruthless of Spidey's enemies.
Yep, I'm talking about the Venom and Carnage story. If Sinister Six is indeed the third movie, then we'll find the Jameson Jr, ex-fiance of Mary Jane, will go back into space and come back in the forth bearing the symbiotic skin that Venom and Carnage has. Now won't that be an ass klicking story eh? Can't wait to see if my guesses come true.

Anyways, gotta sleep. My hamster-sense is tingling and its telling me that its already past 12. This is me, the Hamster, just reliving the comicbook geekiness inside of me. Now, if they'll only do a Spawn 2...

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