Thursday, July 01, 2004

Away To The Hinterlands!

Working in the Jaro branch is totally different, somewhat akin to the difference of working in the city and working in the countryside. The people are more...uh...countrified for a lack of better term. Take for example the fact that you have to say "Sir" when talking to a customer, right? In Jaro, saying "Sir" tends to alienate the visitor ( wtf?! ) and make him uncomfortable, almost as if they don't like it. Hmmmm, at least they are good people, knowin their station and not abusing their rights as our customers.

Except when it comes for asking discounts.

Say what you want about the Jaro population, being good natured and all, but by God, they will haggle you to the last penny. I guess people do have to have bad habits.
Anyways, tommorow I be ther again to arrange our display of tiles, making them look more pleasing to the eye and thus move the costumers to but our products. Suddenly my job gets bigger every which way I turn...

Ah well, if it puts food ( and cool gadgets!! )into my my table, who am I to argue?

State of Mind: Sleep Mode in Ten Seconds
Song of the Day: Awit ng Saya by M.Y.M.P.
Now Reading: Magician: Apprentice by Raymond E. Feist
Times tried to haggle up costumers and lost miserably: 9 out of 9...sheesh...need more experience


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