Saturday, July 03, 2004

Being Dragooned, Beloved Customer and Just Acquintances

I woke up at the crack of dawn, took a very very cold bath and went out the house for my last day at the Jaro Branch. I expected to see more costumers since it's a Saturday, and have been preparing a plan to rearrange the store. I got to the gate when I was yanked back in like you in those old cartoon series ( wooden hook to the neck, exit stage left ).

It was my Dad, and apparently he dragooned me to go back to the main office to help out. There goes my plan. Ah well, at least it won't be boring...

Anyways, during the afternoon, disaster came in the form of two beings. One was a customer who was so makulit and wanted someone with a big position, namely me, to attend to her, not just any salesman out there. Fine, I said to myself, since we get these kinds of people once in a while. It turned out to be one of the most annoying experiences in my life. The "Beloved Customer", as I call her. I have lots of nicknames for my customers, from the "Plunging Lola" to "Hell on Wheels". Why I didn't write about them is perhaps the fact that after the day is done and gone, those things become as a short of a sideline issues. Perhaps one day I shall write about them...but I digress. Anyways, she just refuses to listen to any other suggestions. And she has to see the product to that she can approve on buying it. Doesn't she know hauling wooden doors back and forth from the bodega is one hell of an exercise? After all the hulabaloo, she agreed to buy the selected stuff and then went to haggling mode. Damn, that woman can haggle Zeus's Lightning Bolts away from him. Never thought I'd get a major relief once she's out of the door...

The second one came in the form of a chinita and God knows my eyeballs fall to the floor whenever I see one ( pun unintented ). She's kinda cute, and she came in looking for additional tiles and stuff. My salesgirls, bad as they are, set me up, in the form of asking for her number and telling the girl that the one who's asking for it was their boss, me. So now, I got her number in my hand, and for a moment thought of throwing away that piece of paper. Why? Cuz perhaps I thought it wouldn't be appropraite. What the hell, I thought and texted her asking for a pardon on my staff's behaviour. After a while we became in that grey area of uncertainity as "acquintances". Going on from there, I have absolutely no idea. Still, it's better than nothing right?

In any case, perhaps this will end up well...

State of Mind: Ready to Sleep
Song of the Day: Pardon Me by Incubus
Money made after selling to Beloved Costumer: 12,300 only! Damn!!!Next stage of plan: Text her about Friendster tommorow


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