Sunday, July 04, 2004

Bloody Games and Dinner Conversations

Games 4 and 5 in the Section Wars were brutal. Game 4 started and took a long time to finish, with referee being a tad high on the difficulty mode. Just a little touch would invoke a foul from the opposing team, and by the time the game ended, everyone was "foul-headed" by the stupid calls. Apparently, the ref wanted to have a little fun of his own and kinda rigged the game for his own pleasure. So game 4 turned out to be free throw shooting match, and we barely won the game by just 4 points.

Game 5 saw the change of referee, and everything suddenly became very fast-paced. We employed the fast break attack, with three of us ( Intsik, Rod and me ) going for rebounds while Maui and Bas dictated the speed. Team Cattelya was bewildered but held on, and it came down to the staying power of Syd, Yams and Mamel, with Jed going for the threes. Import Adrian ( one year lower, Team Cattleya batch 98 ) supported the boards. The last plays saw all players taking extra caution, with the score 28-27, Cattleya leading. The final play that won the game was a cut made by Mamel, took a foul and threw the ball into the hoop, foul counted! So the battle continues, with Anthurium still leading over the Cattleya 3-2...

Oh yeah, both games were brutal, both by physical deeds and the fact that everyone was so serious that the bystanders were actually asking if there was any bet involved, like a house or a car. To which we replied that nope, we just do this for fun and the stake of the true section champion. They just shook their heads, not understanding why. Ah well...

On the physical side though, everyone a little battered in some way or the other. Not that the fouls were on purpose, but this day seemed to flourish with aches and pains. Me, I got shouldered on the mouth resulting having blood flow from my gums, my teeth all looking as if I ate a raw chicken. And I fell down trice, resulting to having a slight sprain. Meanwhile, Bas got handchecked on the face, Mamel got his bruises in his arm etc. No wonder why everyone was asking on what's on stake...

After the game, I went malling alone. I enjoy going out, even if its just aimlessly looking around for nothing. Sunday post-gameday is my time to be alone and relax, since Mondays to Saturdays would be office time. I cherish the hours of just being on my own.

Then when I was ready to leave for home, I met up with friend/classmate from my HS days. Let's call her Dancing Queen ( hint hint! ). Anyways, we talked, helped her find a card for her Dad's birthday and ended having dinner together. Before you people start, I do not have any romantic inclinations okay? While I do like girls, this one is different, and to quote my friend "High school classmates are too overqualified to be girlfriends, and it's just too weird." Falling in love with a HS classmates is like akin to incest, just in our case of course. You can see how close we people are in highschool. Everyone knows everyone, both the bad and good sides.
So anyway, we got into talking about life and how it sucks, about work and how it sucks, about love and how it sucks. Well, for me, it does not really sucks on those three issues, only kinda, but hey, misery loves company. She used to be one of my best buds in HS, and though I'm sure she still is, but we rarely get to see each other and talk things and go out for movies and stuff. Now, being older means means responsibilities, and it was only by chance that we got together this night.

All in all, it was a good way to end the day, and having an intelligent conversation from someone close to you is a nice bonus.

State of Mind: Tired to the Bones
Song of the Day: Miss You by M.Y.M.P
Game 4 Stats: 2 points, 15 rebounds, 9 assists
Game 5 Stats: 2 points, 17 rebounds, 11 assists


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