Saturday, July 31, 2004

Day Of Burial

Today was Venus' burial, may she rest forever peacefully. I came in late, because of work and all, but at least I got to hear the proceedings and stuff. Everyone was there, both batches from '93 and '97. Sad, yet we had to move on, and include Venus' in our prayers.

After the burial, the batch walked a little away from the site so we could catch up with news and stuff. There's talk going on about a reunion of sorts, this time for batch '93. Everyone wanted to have it done; everyone didn't want the responsibility of looking into. In the end, I guess I sorta volunteered ( more likely dragooned ) along with Eujav, our resident satellite dish for batch news and rumours. The tentative plan is to have it next year; one reason is I'm not here since I'm leaving, and second of all of the people's schedule. When is everyone available, that is the question. In truth, everyone wanted it to be this year, but I pointed out if they wanted it this year, they better get the Bitch Princess ( guess who! ) to arrange it, which was hastily discarded. Better next year then some weird cock-up party....

Oh yeah, I never thought I would be mistaken for a priest! Dammit, must be the bulge down there, or perhaps the face of total innocence ( blech... ) What happened is that I was surprised that everyone greeted a tad bit politely, until I heard the words "Good Afternoon Father". Yeah gads, now that was a shock. Venus' mother came straight away and explained laughingly that I was not the priest, but just a classmate of her daughter! Now everyone was laughing, I myself was red in the face. A light moment in the midst of sorrow, which gladly happened at my expense...I think.

Tommorow is the first day of August, and its just one month for three special events. One is that the China Trip is getting nearer day by day, and I can't wait to leave and soak up some culture. Second is that by September 12, I'll be turning one year in writing this blog! Wow! Where did the time go suddenly? And lastly on August 28, is Ice Lady's birthday. Hmmmm, should I go to Manila? Only time will tell...

My hamster sense is telling me that next month will be a good month, one with surprises ( which I hope will be good ) and good fortune. Too bad I'll be very busy to enjoy it...

Hay naku...

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