Friday, July 16, 2004

The Dead Rise Everyday

I'm one of the undead, or perhaps soon to be one. These past few days were a blur, ranging from sleep-deprived dementia to illusionary dreams of nightmarish proportions. I wake up everyday in a zombie like fashion, muttering profanities at the unfairness of the world, scream profusely at the shower for its ice cold tempreture, and then think bad insidous thoughts, mostly directed at my work.
My work, while it does pay a lot of loot, is making me stagger like a groggy boxer with too many blows to the head. I do admit that my workload is pretty standard for a Sales Manager, the utter boringness of it though is making me want to scream. There are even times that I wish I could quit the job and search for new horizons, but then again, I couldn't quit even if I wanted to. That's usually the problem with family businesses, everybody pitches in and once you're in, chances of you getting out comes in negative integers. I prayed for something new to come my way. Never knew it would be answered tenfold.
I knew there was a price to pay when I went party hearty with the Barkada last Saturday; indeed I think I remember something about Dad wanting me to do a project on Monday or whenever, but I guess it was too far back in my mind to comtemplate. I had to have fun, eh? Anyways, come Tuesday, or last Tuesday I should say, there was hell to pay, and more. Got lots of things to do or did this week, like fashioning out new office I.D.'s, checking out the new sentry alarm system, making sure the our transport vehicles are in good running condition, planning and arranging new tile displays etc etc etc. And on top of that, I still am responsible for my sales team!!! What a life!!! ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
So it was that I come home everyday, then sleep at the tender hours of 9 or even 8 in the evening and then wake up again for more drudgery. Today, Friday, more than half the things I need to do are done, thank God! I'm really looking forward for this Sunday, where at least I get to wake up late and vent off some steam at Sunday Gameday.
While my prayers for happenings to escape boredom did get answered, extra resposibilites are way, way too much. I should have phrased it more carefully. Memo to me: Praying in generalities can cause you pain.

All in all, this turned out to be a sucky week, and all I got from it is that my papers for China are all secure and ready to go. Next couple of weeks, we'll be back in Manila and will be having an interview with the Chinese Ambassador, to get our student visas. While it does it give cause for something to celebrate, I'm just too freakin' tired to do so.

God grant me a reprieve...

Specifically, a one week vacation in Manila, with no attached work nor responsibilites whatsoever, with enough money to burn.

State of Mind: Zombie-ish
Song of the Day: It's Been A While by Stained
Now Reading: A Darkness At Sethanon by Raymond E. Feist
Exhuastion Level: 80% and cooling down somewhat...


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