Monday, July 19, 2004

The Ex Files: Close Encounters Of The Second Kind!!!

The first usually entails a sighting of some sort, while the third means complete contact and communication. The second shows evidence of some sort, and yikes, I wasn't expecting anything like that this day.

The day started normally, boring as hell with some sporadic outbreaks of customers rushing inside to buy something, then rush out to leave. Pretty like the same day everyday.
After work, me and my bro headed out to the gym to sweat out, and horrors of horrors, when we just entered the room, I think I just saw "She Who Is Not To Be Named" going outside. Damnation, all this work must be giving me weird horrific hallucinations. There was no possible way that I just saw my ex. She didn't see me, so I really thought I was just imagining things. But abject curiosity held sway over me, and I trudged to the members log book and found out to my utter dismay that it was really my ex, and she was also working out in the gym. MY GYM!!!

Okay, keep calm, I told myself. There has to be a way to avoid the Beast of Lies and Deception. After some frenzied info-gathering, this is what I know. She just started out last week, and her boyfriend, who looks like a callboy by batch '97 concensus, is usually there to support her, not actually joining in. Hmmmm, interesting, but it doesn't help me yet. So what to do?

The confrontation is growing nearer and nearer if this goes on, me and her in just one room with lots of weights lying around. Worst case scenario is that if we did talk, then didn't work, she's gonna scream and throw heavy things at me while her callboy boyfriend pitches in. How do I know he'll help out? Because I was once like that, years ago, and even now it causes me pain just remembering her using me like a toy...

So, temporary plans include the silent treatment, avoiding all chances that we'd confront eash other and generally try not to think bad thoughts at her...which can be pretty hard, I tell ya. This will have to do while I try to think of something...

Damn this province for its small small world!!!

State of Mind: Utter Frenzy
Song of the day: Since I Left You by The Avalanches
Now Reading: Prince Of The Blood by Raymond E. Feist
Now Looking For: A Solution to Impending Disaster!


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