Sunday, July 11, 2004

Finding Peace For A Little While

Yesterday was one big revelation. Once the Cavite trip was done and we went back to Manila, I got off at Starbucks 6750 while my Dad went to the airport for the province, leaving me alone.

Never had I experienced a peace within myself. I was alone in the metropolis, and all my cares and woes are somewhere down south, tuck away for the time being. Not that I was in a hurry to take it out. It was as if my soul had been cleansed, and that alone is enough to trade for the tiredness I experienced in this trip. I don't what to say exactly, but suffice to say, I was happy.
I was like running to and fro the places, from Glorietta to Greenbelt ( to find books and cds ), from Recto to Mike's home ( I owe you one buddy! ) to RP Manila and finally Baywalk ( reunion ). Even if I was so tired, I was having fun, and those things such as worry, fear, depression and the like went all puff in that day.

But all good things must come to an end, else how can we classify them as good things? So it was that I boarded the plane back to the province, back to the all problems that life deals with me. But, after this special event, I can face anything with resolve.

Hmmm, in this case, I must do this at least every three months, just to get gas for myself, that everything can be all right once in a while.

And yeah, even if I was so tired, jet-lagged and lack of sleep even, I think I can do this again, just to get that "major high".

Now that's out of the way, we go back to more mundane topics. Sunday gameday was a little underpopulated, with only 15+ players, but I had a fun game. I even got a block from the tallest player in the game, Jose, who stands a head taller than me and was deep into the low post area. Shouts of Yao Ming vs. Ben Wallace from the onlookers produced some laughter and catcalls, but hey, defense is the best offense.

Mother is still bitchin about my papers, which by now I learned to take her nagging into a stride since I was so fired up from last night's shebang. What is it about adults who seem to dramatize everything. Why can't they learn to relax and be trusting?

Sometimes, I think all that drama is just an conduit for adults to just vent off steam from something totally unrelated to you. You were just indicted because you're the nearest one handy.

State of Mind: Resolve Powering Up
Song of the Day: Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional, Spiderman 2 Album Total Sleeping Time in Hours: 3 and a half
I Bought: Seven CD's ( 3 Pinikpikan albums, 1 & 2 Spiderman soundtracks, Acoustics Jams and M.Y.M.P ) and two books ( Wala Lang by Bud Tomas and Elder Gods by David Eddings )


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