Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Going Catty

After nearly a grueling week of extra duties, product presentations and other what-have-you's, I find myself finally in the clear and with an evening to enjoy. So I went to the gym for two hours of sweating out the memories of the week and watched a movie with best bud Pringles.
I was supposed to watch Arthur, but she opted for Catwoman and, well what can I say? Hmmm, at least its better than nothing...

Catwoman apparently appeals to female of the species. It has traces of feminity all around it, and while even some males will enjoy it, my take is that its just another so-so movie. Well, yeah, you might argue that Halle Berry rocks ( complete with the leather and whips....Ooh, S&M fetish anyone? ) and Sharon Stone is just too gorgeous to behold, the whole story arc is kinda iffy. That is probably the geek inside of me ranting, but hey, I did feel a little let down.

While DC Comics did acknowledge the movie, the whole plot, story and origin is just pure hogwash ( this is based on the comicbook storyline ). The City in the movie doesn't look like Gotham City, if indeed it was Gotham, as the place would give anyone the creeps, being a dark and foreboding city. And while I have no qualms about skin color, even abhor racists, Catwoman should have been white, just like in the comics. I can understand that The Kingpin in Daredevil was black since he's like the only big actor to fit the role ( damn, cant seem to place his name for the moment...), but sometimes fitting through the story arc is the key.

All in all though, it was a nice movie, with special effects and stuff, and Halle Berry does seem to fit nicely in her role, catwalks and stuff. It won't be for hardcore comic lovers out there, but the general patronage could enjoy it, even without the benefit of comic book background.
If there was one thing I would like to know though, is who was that babe who played the nurse during the hospital wheelchair scene. Now that was one cute girl, hehe...

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Catwoman Movie Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


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