Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Gunning for Gunbound

The huge beast of metal rises up the ridge, scouting expansively for enemies. Unluckily, it spotted me and set his turrets right into my sector. Calibrating his angle, he took a shot that boomed twice as loud as loudest thunder I have ever heard. In a blink of an eye, I saw the cannon shot caroomed towards me, and then over me, spewing up dirt by the truckload as it landed right behind me. It was my turn to shoot now, and this better be right, else I'm going to get screwed...

Memoirs of General McHamster, The Adiumroot Battle

I've been playing Gunbound for 5 days now, and I can say I'm totally addicted to the game. One thing, it's totally free. Second, you get to match your skills with the people around the world. I've been shooting Greeks ( Congrats for winning the Euro Cup, now you die!!! ), teamed up with Brasilians ( Mierda! Shoot the bastard! ), exhange salvos with the Spaniards ( This is for me and my country!!! ), traded insults with the French ( Your mother must have married an ogre to get someone like you! ) and etc etc etc.

The gameplay is simple, turnbased style. You get a mobile, point it at the enemy and shoot. Three things to bear in mind though: Angle of Shot, Strength of Fire and Wind Factor. Which makes engineers and mathematicians a horror to play against. I can just see them in their little cubicles, pencils in hand and doing sums ( Let's see...45 degrees angle times the strength of fire minus the wind factor would make the shot land exactly right here... )

It's actually more fun and relaxing than Ragnarok Online. Here, you just need to point and click and pray. Ragnarok on the other hand tend to make you a little stressful in the sense that you must get to the next level as soon as possible. Meanwhile Gunbound is nice for those days of blah, when you need to play with minumum amount of brain use.

Anyways, gaming aside, I'm going back to Manila this weekend!!! Yay!!!! Although it's only just for three days, it's better than nothing! Hmmm....but there is so much to do. I'll think about it when the day comes, don't want to hype myself up.

State of Mind: Game Mode On
Song of the Day: Are Going To Go My Way by Leeny Kravitz
Level in Gunbound: Double Wooden Hammer ( kinda in the lower mid )
Now proficient in: J.D. Mobile! ( Black Hole Technology!!! ) and the Armor Mobile ( Bomb This!!! )


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